Tuesday, December 30, 2003

No time tonight. Working on a new poem. My Blog site is now working again, so if you could not scroll down this past week or more, you can do so now. Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year.

Monday, December 29, 2003



Last night at 11:35 PM I had a close call and it was a situation I continually try to avoid. I hate tailgaters, the stupid s.o.b.s, the Morons of the Highway. I try to keep a safe distance, but keep my speed the same as the car ahead. If they're following too close I cautiously tap the brake light and usually they drop back.

Last night we were approaching a left turn lane, after coming over the #154 mountain pass from Santa Barbara. The SUV ahead had slowed a couple times, obviously unsure and looking for the turn and I slowed as well, so when he came to the turn lane, he had slowed his speed by about twenty mph (though it wasn't necessary there), but the car behind me was coming up too close even though I was braking.

Suddenly there was a noise and I thought I was hit, but just as quickly saw a light colored car to his right hitting the gravel, then fishtail in front of him, and head straight across the highway, both northbound lanes, then the southbound lane, then a wide island, and a southbound entry lane, fifty foot more of grass and disappear down a hill, all the while traveling at warp speed.

With six cars in the turn lane behind me, I made the turn across the highway and then pulled over and let them pass, flipped a u-turn and returned to the highway island and found an SUV there, whose driver had called the Highway Patrol. Then a young guy appeared out of the darkness and said the woman driver was alright, but her car was in a deep ditch. She had hit his right rear bumper and torn it loose, so he was parked way across the highway.

When you've got three cars ahead of you braking, one an SUV with a light up high, how in the hell can you come screaming up and hit someone? Then, drive about 250 to 300 feet across all the roads and grass without turning or braking at all? It was almost funny to see her do that sharp left in the gravel and then just keep going straight ahead and disappear right over the hill and down into the ditch, just unbelievable. The Patrol car was there in a few minutes and I gave my name and address as a witness, and then drove home.

I've had these large Pick-ups and SUVs five and ten feet off my tail-end at night, when I am car #10 in a row of cars in the left lane, and my speed is the same as those ahead. Now, where can I go? We're all passing a long line of cars and trucks doing 55/60, and going faster than they are, but are cars in the left lane supposed to dart to the right to give way to some guy anxious to do 90/100?

One night a Pick-up with huge tires ran by on my left on the median, spraying gravel and dirt all over the place and gained one space in line. He was mad, because I flashed my brakelights when he was ten feet off my tail. He had dropped back, then raced up until his headlights were right in my rear window. Damn.

One morning in L.A. a guy whistled past us, cutting in and out of lanes, just as we rounded a big curve and there, ahead, was a huge traffic jam. He hit at least six cars trying to find a hole in which to stop! What a jerk.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

see Dec. 19th Blog

Friday, December 26, 2003


I've had so damn many problems with my computer lately, including about 300 spam messages a day! It keeps shutting down on me, freezing the mouse, and I have to reboot it.


This one was like a small boat in the ocean riding some pretty heavy swells, and it seemed to last...too long. But, all in all, I cannot understand why so many people put their houses up for sale right after a quake. I'll bet a couple of thousand people will be moving east or north now. Many of them will move to Kansas or Nebraska, and that makes me laugh. Cyclones kill many more people in a month than earthquakes do in a year.


Sunday, December 21, 2003


THE LAST SAMURAI has an opening scene that seems as if it was written by a seven year old child who has been brain dead for three days, but no one wants to pull the plug. It should have been pulled. The writer must have flash-backs from being whupped on the behind as a boy. It did not do him much good (when, oh when, dear God, will Hollywood quit punishing us for Wounded Knee, as if we of this generation have a collective guilt for it)

If that sounds extreme, it is because I hate stories (films) with an inane opening scene as it spoils or tarnishes the rest of the film for me.

Great photography though. So often you can forget all about the phony parts of a script if the camera work is good, and that's lucky for the financial backers of the film.

The Japanese countryside, buildings, armor and costumes, and battle scenes well make up for silly parts of the story, like the Emperor's lines and actions that seemed implausible to me.

Once they arrive in Japan things change dramatically, thank goodness. If could have begun right there, eliminating the circus in the beginning.
***** *****


Scroll down to my Dec. 19th Blog, where you'll find it all in order, Chap. I to Chap. III.

My sincere thanks to Cong. Sam Farr for the inspiration.


The Dec. 19th Blog began the story of Cong. Sam Farr in conversation with His Holiness, the Pope of de Havana.

Please see the continuation of the story below.

USEFUL IDIOT - Probably Cong. Sam Farr
LAS CUCARACHITAS - Castro Functionaries
CUCARACHITAS AMERICANOS - Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg
[to be continued]
(A work in progress - see below)

Friday, December 19, 2003


Dear Congressman Sam Farr:

Some months ago I read a story in the Los Angeles Times about your visit to Cuba, with a Congressional Fact Finding Committee, and that you were granted a personal Audience with His Holiness, the Pope of Havana, a.k.a La Maxima Cucaracha Fidel Castro. I also have heard that before being ushered into the presence of His Holiness, the Pope of Havana, you were carefully instructed in the protocal to be observed in His Presence. This is my report of that visit:

First, the Congressman was ushered into the room by two of Las Cucarachitas dressed in red suede leggings and white lace blouses with the hammer and sickle on the back, and then he carefully followed their instructions.

Directly after entering the room where His Holiness, the Pope of Havana, was ensconsed upon a golden oval throne, suspended above a light brown porcelein bowl, and following protocol, he touched his forehead to the ground three times in obiesence to the Great Executioner, then proceeded forward by crawling upon his knees until he was in a position to kiss Fidel's big toes, protruding through his socks, of each foot. Upon completion of this simple ceremony, His Holiness put his Army boots back on his feet and stood up in all his regal splendor. This ceremony is very sacred in Havana, and we understand that it is reserved solely for visiting U.S. Congressmen who have left arms longer than their right ones.

After going through this procedure, Las Cucarachitas placed a cushion by His Holiness, the Pope of Havana's, left side for the good Congressman to sit upon. And there he remained until 5:30 a.m. Cuban time, transfixed by the words of wisdom droned on and on and on by La Maxima Cucaracha.


During the course of the evening, food and drink was served to the Congressman there on the floor at the feet of Fidel, while he paid rapt attention to each word uttered by His Holiness, y Jefe de las Cucarachitas. The dinner conversation went on and on throughout the night, the Congressman enthusiastically uttering in his best Spanish (which he learned in South America), "Si" and "Si" and "Si" throughout the evening. In spite of his own gift of gab and fluent Spanish, he found it quite difficult to get a "Si" in here and there, now and then as His Holiness continuously waved his arm around and droned sonorously on and on, like a buzzing horse-fly circling around and around and around a pile of horse manure in the stable on a hot summer afternoon. The night dragged slowly on, but La Maxima Cucaracha never ceased his droning, and gained his second wind before he had lost his first, and then his third before he'd run out of his second wind. Long noted for his marathon speeches, perhaps the longest winded phony in the world today, His Holiness spoke to his breathless and mesmerized guests for five hours. Spellbinding! The greatest Bullshitter in the world today lived up to his reputation, while Cong. Farr worshipped at his feet, and tried to memorize each word uttered by the Pope of Havana.
But Congressman had one trick up his sleeve, he had had the forethought to bring some of the finest Robert Mondavi wine along, and His Holiness, the Pope of Havana, graciously posed, holding a bottle aloft in typical Fifth Avenue fashion. What wonderful posters can be made for the UCSC students, as well as those at Berkeley! What a marvelous coup for CAPITALISM to have the World's most diminutive Communist championing an American venture, thanks to Congressman Farr!

Most impressive to me was the interest in our economy shown by His Holiness, the Pope of Havana, and his most unusual offer, using your kind services as intermediary, to assist the U.S. government in certain matters of finance. This was a most commendable gesture on his part.

We often forget that mass murderers may have other talents that make them useful and contributing members of society, i.e. Charles Manson was a guitarist and songwriter. Then there is Richard Speck, who killed 8 nurses, who now has large hanging breasts after taking female hormones, and presto--a new occupation while in prison. Thus society loses many beneficial services, truly depriving the world what might be termed the hidden genius of such people.

As we learn from Christian teachings, there is good and bad in all of us.

It is well that you can overlook his murderous regime, and his personal record of assassinations, as well as the thousands of political prisoners serving long terms in his jails and prison camps, because that might have caused you to doubt his sincerity and inner goodness. After all, doesn't he bless the little kids, and didn't he hold a special Birthday Party for little Elian? Look at the coverage the world's press gave him, especially the great American papers.

Chap. III

Four or five hours later, Cong. Farr did begin to find openings to use his Spanish. Perhaps age has dulled the rapier-like wit (rhymes with shit) of the congenial (but murderous) dictator.

Fidel handed out cigars to everyone and cautioned the Americans present that these were the highest quality Cubans, and that they were only to smoked and not for other purposes, as he'd heard was more common in the U.S., but he did mention that the cigars should at least be carefully snubbed out first, as a precaution.

He then leaned down and lit Cong. Farr's cigar. The Congressman's heart gave a leap, a double leap, and for a moment he looked right into the eyes of His Holiness, the Pope of Havana, and he imagined that he had seen the essence of all his goodness in that instant, and he was overjoyed.

Chap. IV

Liberal politicians are like the three monkeys, the ones who see no Evil, hear no Evil, and speak no Evil of other Liberals or Communists. They cannot recognize Evil in any form unless, yes, unless they imagine it in a Conservative. The aims and purposes of Liberalism must be achieved at any cost, hence Cong. Farr's worshipful attitude at the foot of the throne occupied by His Holiness.

Thursday, December 18, 2003


Again, a Blog has disappeared. It was written, the html code correct, posted and published, but this morning it is not there (or here).

It was about the timing, that with the capture of Hussein, the World's attention is focused upon evil dictators, and the crescendo (which I had misspelled in earlier posts and checked in the dictionary last night) is rising for their dethroning, for them to be brought to justice and punished for their crimes against humanity. La Grande Cucaracha is long, long overdue for being brought before a Tribunal and to face his accusers.

Cubans must begin taking the risk of giant parades, strikes, and do everything they can to bring Cuba to a complete stop. The Tourist Zone must be clogged with protestors and visitors asked to join them. Castro will not dare to throw foreigners in jail; this will be an opportunity for outsides to help them overthrow La Maxima Cucaracha!

To await his peaceful passing is inane. He's in league with the Devil, and he may just outlive many to his main detractors.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

44 YEARS, 44 YEARS, 44 YEARS PLUS ?????

There have been so many movie comedies made about little island kingdoms and funny little men who make themselves out to be very, very important as Kings or Emperors. That's exactly what you have in Cuba, and all those Hollywood people who also fancy themselves so important get a thrill out of sitting at the feet of the Emperor in Havana. It'd be a laugh riot, if La Maxima Cucaracha had not killed so many people in those 44 years, if he had not imprisoned so many, if he had not driven so many away from their homeland, and enslaved millions more at peons' wages.

Now, who could play Castro in a farce such as this, and who could play Congresman Sam Farr rapturously sitting at La Maxima Cucarachas' feet, listening to him lecture about the wonders of Socialism while a nation rots all around him? But then, Sammy boy, they do have free medical care there, of a sort, don't they?

Oh, how about a little poetry?

The Night Before Christmas (in Cuba)

by Howard E. Morseburg

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,
No Christmas trees could be seen because they were banned.
And no stockings could be hung in the house anywhere,
(Cubans were lucky if they had any to wear!).
No Nikes, Nintendos, or roller-blades could be found,
There weren’t any toy stores anywhere around.
Ol’ Santa had skipped Cuba, ‘twas not he forgot,
For Castro had ordered…if sighted…he’ll be shot.

There’ll be no joy at Christmas, for Santa can’t go,
There’ll be no joy at Christmas, Fidel’s made it so!
There’s no freedom to worship, or just to critique,
In a Socialist system that’s not so unique.
The children must study the communist dictum,
The things they’re forbidden are part of the system.
Fidel is their Santa, though his beard is so black,
But he’s the sole reason their economy’s slack.

Let’s pray for Cuban children on this Christmas eve,
They won’t have a Christmas or Santa to believe,
There’ll be no tiny reindeer to bring them a gift,
There’s no Christmas joy to give their spirits a lift.
No toys under the tree, no fam’ly holiday,
No freedom of speech, nor freedom to pray,
So they’ll just go to school, then work in the fields too,
The government controls everything that they do!

There’s no joy at Christmas in a land that’s not free,
They don’t learn Christ’s story of the nativity.
There are no sparkling lights, there old friends dare not meet,
No carolers singing as they walk down the street.
It’s one more day of the year, there’s only more work,
Their Santa’s a black-bearded old Communist jerk.
There’ll be no joy at Christmas, Fidel’s made it so.
There’ll be no joy in Cuba…for Santa can’t go!

Copyright 2001 Howard E. Morseburg

Monday, December 15, 2003


Will someone call Dr. Biscet's wife and tell her to have patience, that Castro is expected to die, die one day or another. Will someone please tell the wives, husband and children that the other 75 dissidents now in torturously small cells (tapiedas), that when Castro dies it is possible that their loved ones may be set free. Will someone else notify the Gays in his prisons that they too may be set free when Fidel kicks the bucket.

What bullcrap! Mario, can you believe this sort of thinking? Can you find a college bookstore that will carry your Che poster? Bet not. They threw mine out about 35 years ago and things have only gotten worse and worse on the campuses of this nation. It is almost outright subversion at many of them. (We need to become actively involved and take back our schools from these anti-American elements.)

They think that people should give up all their rights, all their freedoms, just for a mess of pottage. Free schools and free medical care. You may not be sick a day in your life, but that free medical care is worth the loss of your freedom and Papa Cucaracha will take care of you at a poverty level, while that pig (hmmm, I forgot, it's that cockroach) swills down fine wines and devours steaks and lives in luxury.

Just a minute. I'm sick and need to go find a porcelein bowl. The thought just occurred to me that he may one day be a Centenarian, the oldest cucaracha in history!

Please: Copy, paste & send to ten friends:

Sunday, December 14, 2003


Take pride in the term. What's wrong with it, if you work together and dig to undermine the regime of La Maxima Cucaracha and all his little Minimal Cucarachas scurrying around?

Los Gusanos Magnificos are beneficial. Los Gusanos Magnificos are good for the environment, and freedom will flourish when the Los Gusanos rise and take over Cuba! Viva Los Gusanos Magnificos, viva Los Gusanos Magnificos. Muerte las cucarachas!

Oh yes, there are those who lend credence to Las Cucarachas that hold Cubans in subjugation and bondage, who fawn at the feet of La Maxima Cucaracha, as if he were a Saint, when in reality he has proven himself the very Devil incarnate.

The Leaders of the Free World must take the capture of Saddam Hussein as a sign that the time has come to end ALL tyrannical dictatorships and they must begin by withdrawing Official Recognition from Cuba!

The Cuban government has never been elected, has no official position, has no right to rule and dictate and expel or incarcerate dissidents! The World Community is wrong in accepting this, and the U.N. is wrong in not giving this an problem and immediate and urgent place on its' Agenda.


The Nations of the Free World have never been more aware of the damage a tyrannical Dictator does to a country than they are right now! Never, never, never! This is the time to fight for the removal of that damnable Cockroach, to get rid of him and his thieving cronies and thugs. Now is the time to fill the newspapers with full page ads, half page ads, whatever you can afford, to denounce that tyrant both here and abroad; now is the time to hit him from every angle, through cooperation with former Marxist states, through the U.N., and rid the world of another murderous tyrant, now.

Put a picture of La Grande Cucaracha alongside of the captured sad-looking, dog-faced, haggard Hussein and what a startling effect that will have on viewers.

What a powerful imagery it will be. Captured - one terrorist dictator. Wanted - second terrorist dictator.

Didn't Hussein act just like a cockroach? Hiding in a celler, digging a hole and burying himself in it? Next, La Grande Cucaracha can dig his own hole as well!

Copy, paste & send to ten friends:


Hooray, they've captured a disheveled Saddam, found him in a cellar, hiding underground in a coffin like pit he'd buried himself in, bearded (like La Grande Cucaracha), dirty, tired and stripped of his uniform, just a tired, dirty, little old man. His days of glory, of signing decrees for executions, of condoning and paying for murders in other countries, are finished.

And this, to me, is a vision of things to come for La Grande Cucaracha, Fidel Castro, the grinch who stole both Freedom and Christmas from the Cuban nation, the tyrannical dictator who has terrorized his nation for 44 years.

As Saddam goes, so should Fidel Castro follow. Send him fleeing to the mountains again and then hunt him down like a wild pig, find him and bring him to his knees. There is no legal justification for him to remain at the helm in Cuba, no reason for him to be granted the privileges accorded to elected officials of other nations, nor any right to hold the station he occupies in the world community.

Compare Saddam and Fidel, the use of uniforms to give them an authoritarian appearance, the publicity, the terror, the tortures, assassins and killers both, neither deserving of the adulation they sought and received because they are nothing more than common criminals.

Saddam and Fidel are alike, two aging, dirty, bearded old men who are no more than world terrorists, delusional at best, insane at the worst. They belong in a special classification in a footnote: The Garbage Pit of History.


This is what I cannot understand, why those who oppose Castro are almost reverent in their attitude when they write about him. What good has he ever done do for Cuba? His plans from the very beginning were for subjugation of the people to his Will and his Will alone. Communism, yes, but his idea and form and notions of it, nothing more than that. He intended to betray his fellow revolutionaries and the Cuban people from the very beginning.

They write about him in a scholarly manner, when he has been at war with all of them for 44 years, at war with the free press and the idea of a free people.

He wasn't a great tactician and conquering General like Napoleon; it was a guerilla war and a little bit of wearisome fighting in the mountains and that was it. Yet, he maintains the glorious image of a martial man, as if he was a genuine General, by the continual appearances wearing his childish camouflage suit 44 years after all fighting had ceased! He's still no more than a little boy, an international buffoon playing with his toy soldiers! He is the perfect epitomy of The King Who Had No Clothes, a modern-day fable, no more, no less.

When his men came out of the mountains, Batista had already fled the country at U.S. insistence. The nation was tired of the corruption that their former dictator had brought upon them, and they looked to Fidel Castro as a saviour, not expecting a devil and a deceitful liar in disguise. They exchanged one dictator for one who was far, far worse. At least under Juan Batista they had a modicum of freedom, while under Castro they lost everything they owned and ended up without any freedoms at all.

He fights best when his opponents are blind men, and women, and librarians, and those too weak and helpless to fight back. Even a comparison of him to the Cowardly Lion would be leagues above what he actually is, just a Cucaracha running around a small island in a phony uniform.

It's the perfect comedy for a half hour TV show, if it wasn't a true story. Only one of TV's inane laughter tracks could make it funny; it's a real tear-jerker when you think of all the misery he has brought to the Cuban nation and a formerly vibrant country.

Strip him of his camouflage and imagine him standing there in front of you, naked, a bearded old man, a noisome old fart, spouting and sputtering a meaningless gibberish, while in the background looms the decaying buildings and failing Cuban nation, the result of one man's dreams that were impossible to realize from the beginning, and one man's intransigence that forestalled any change, and one man's refusal to listen to other, more experienced voices.

This, mind you, is Steven Spielberg's genius with whom he spent the most memorable hours of his life, Oliver Stone's hero with human qualities, Harry Belafonte's Christ-like figure, Hollywood's Knight of the Golden Prune, Al Glover's Saint Fidelito! There he stands, a naked bearded old man in the center of Havana, with but a single gift that has enabled him to mesmerize his followers and a host of celebrities with his main attribute, one commonly known as Diarrhea of the Mouth.

Saturday, December 13, 2003


That's right, squash La Grande Cucaracha and once again Cuba will blossom like a field of flowers when the sun comes out after the rain! Cuba's not dead. It is dying a long lingering death right now because it is over-run with cucarachas and you have to get rid of them, stomp on them, squash 'em flat.


Under the ground are Los Magnificos Gusanos toiling away, aerating the soil, churning, churning, millions of them, loosening the dirt and giving the roots of those flowers a chance to breathe and bloom. The soil needs Los Magnificos Gusanos for everything that is planted in it to flourish. Los Gusanos are productive; Las Cucarachas do nothing but scurry around in the darkness and make a mess of things.

Cuba has two groups, Los Gusanos and Las Cucarachas, and La Grande Cucaracha, who tyrannizes them all.


Tens of thousands of Cubans living in the United States or Europe support Fidel and his government. They're forced to do it, because Castro holds part of their family hostage, and his policies literally impoverish them (as well as all Cubans), so Cubans abroad send them money, their hard-earned money, so that they can survive in the hostile environment which is always a result of that false philosophy, Marxism.

Cubans are beautiful people, but La Grande Cucaracha defiles them. He makes a mockery of Cuba as a nation, and a travesty of its' history.

The nation's media, the New York Times, for example, should be demanding that he step down, demanding that he hold free and democratic (not party, by God) elections. It should be an insistent and incessant clamor that he abdicate his throne! It should be a roar that he free those 76 dissidents whom he recently imprisoned. The bleating nannies who run the Washington Post should list the names and prison terms of those dissidents each week to remind the public about them and ask that other nations join in in condemning these atrocities against human dignity and human freedom.

Take away those American dollars for sixty days and Castro will run out of money. Take away those funds that prop up his regime and he's finished; that Cucaracha will be squashed flat.

But when you have hungry nieces and nephews, or a mother who needs a new refridgerator, what can you do? You feel that cannot withhold the money from them, don't you?

It is time for Cubans to stop being nice; it is time for them to speak out in a loud united voice, just like the Jews in Israel and the U.S. did to obtain their release and get dissident Jewish men and women out of Russia. It is time to say enough, enough! Castro is evil and he must go.

He's one dumb (but clever) son-of-a-bitch, and if you cannot speak harshly of him, then you will never get him out! He's murdered thousands! It is time for the International Community to force him out! He has no legitimate claim to any office in Havana and neither do his supporting paracites.

Congressman Sam Farr visited Cuba and literally kissed Castro's ass in the spring of 2003, and I don't want to see one more U.S. politician visit Cuba and let that Communist Cockroach give him a royal shafting! The next time a member of the U.S. Congress visits Cuba, it should be to a free and democratic country and he should be welcomed by a duly elected Presidente.

Imagine, there in Cuba...are lovely resorts, pristine beaches, dining rooms bursting with food, beds with clean sheets, handsomely decorated rooms, while ten miles away live Cubans who not only cannot afford to go there, but are denied the right to visit that resort by La Grande Cucaracha, Fidel.

What does he fear? He simply doesn't want them to see that Capitalism works and Marxism does not!

That's the way it is, and as long as Cubans in the U.S. who possess the money and the power to end that phony regime sit on their butts and contemplate their navels, Fidel will continue to suck on his big cigars and laugh at them. He's done that for 44 years. That's long enough; if he won't go peacefully, then it should be in a pine box and not from natural causes. It's really that simple.


Yes, I burn when I think of Cuba and Castro, burn intensely inside when I think that that motor-mouth murderous Fidel is still in place after 44 years! It's wrong. It's absolutely immoral that he is still tyrannizing Cubans through 9 changes of our administration in Washington.

There are many fine Cubans who spend endless hours disseminating information and fighting a lonely fight, trying to get the world's attention, trying to defeat him from lonely rooms. All the while, our colleges are hot-beds of intrigue that teach the lie that Fidel Castro is some sort of a genius, when he is nothing but a cockroach (la Cucaracha).

America's media report stories out of Cuba as if they had some historical context and build his up, especially when Hollywood's elite goes calling. If they laid out the facts and figures, and did a true investigation, the Great Cockroach would be exposed for what he is, a very stupid man who is unable to properly manage the economy of a small island just offshore of the U.S. , has kept Cubans in virtual poverty for 44 years with promises of a Paradise at the end of the Rainbow, and killed, tortured or imprisoned those who have disagreed with him.

These very hard-working patriotic Cubans who spend endless hours toiling away in an effort to raise awareness and depose Fidel, such as Mario, Ray and Agustin, deserve much better from other Cubans and Cuban-Americans. They deserve much better from the American press. How can a country's leader order the executions of almost 18 thousand Cuban citizens (Black Book of Communism) and not be condemned by America's greatest newspapers? How can a tyrant put 76 simple, ordinary Cuban men and women in jail for terms from 6 years to 26 years (?) and not raise the hackles of Americans from the Atlantic to the Pacific? All they asked for was certain freedoms, those actually written into the U.N. charter. Yet, they're treated worse than criminals. They're Cubans who love their country and their fellow citizens, Cubans who have not committed a crime, but they're serving long terms in solitary. I cry for them!

Why isn't there one rich Cuban in Florida (or elsewhere) spending thousands to keep an ad running in either a New York or Washington newspaper demanding the release of these prisoners, suffering in cells like La Tapiedas, and keeping our Congressional members aware of it? This I fail to understand. I don't think that those Cuban millionaires sunning themselves along Florida's coastline deserve to be in America if they have so easily forgotten their roots! I don't think they deserve what they have when they don't use part of it to fight back.

Yes, they're afraid to be called the Cuban Mafia, or some such names. Well, I'd be proud to belong to that group if it deposed Fidel Castro.

They think that if they wait long enough, he'll die and things will be fine. Oh yeah, he'll die, that son-of-a-bitch will eventually die, perhaps at 90, but how many will he kill before he dies? That's the question. And, by then you might have another tyrant step into his shoes and you'll wait another 40 or 50 years, like pansies growing in the sun.

Well, why not make some plans now, such as a 10,000 boat parade to Cuba when the s.o.b. dies? At least, if you're going to wait that long, plan on making a move the very moment he expels his final breath! Announce this now and Cubans will be praying for his death at the seashore by the tens of thousands!

Of course, half of Cuba might be dead before he dies, or half of Miami's millionaires. Quien sabe?

Friday, December 12, 2003


(This is not meant as a reflection upon Cubans, or to insult anyone.)

Mi Quierda Relacciones:

Enclosed you will find a money order for fifty American dollars, which I know will help you to buy some much needed food and clothing. I would send you more, but I went to an Indian Casino last week and lost six hundred dollars. I ran out of money and my credit cards were overcharged, so I was forced to stop gambling. Luckily, they comped me my dinner and they had this huge buffet just overloaded with so much food that I stuffed myself. You should have seen the huge roast beef, or the large ham, and the turkey--which must have been at least 20 lbs.

Well, my daughter's graduation dress is going to cost $300, and the limousene and party afterwards almost $300 more, so I have to begin saving some money. I am going to have trouble making the payment for my SUV and on my credit cards this month.

I have a good job here in Florida and it is much the same as Cuba, in-so-far as the language and food (oh, I forgot, you cannot find good food in Cuba).

We often talk about Cuba, and how evil Fidel Castro is, but the Liberal press here doesn't criticize him at all. Not too many Cubans have the cojones to stand up and speak louder about the evils of Marxism here, even though we have the freedom of speech to do so. I guess they're afraid of the Liberals, here. We even have Marxists teaching in our colleges now; they think it is a good idea to present both sides of the story.

You should see how well the Cubans live here. The Cuban millionaires live in big homes, often on the waterfront with big fast boats tied to their docks, drive expensive cars, eat in elegant restaurants, drink the finest wines, smoke big cigars and talk about Cuba all the time and how they hate Fidel. The cigars are usually Cuban, though. They won't spend a single dime, however, to help publish full page stories about the problems in Cuba in the nation's newspapers.

They either don't have that much interest, or are too miserly, or perhaps, again, lack they don't have the cojones to do so. Why just today the three men who hijacked a plane to come to Florida were convicted and will go to jail for twenty or more years, but no one has raised the issue at all.

I think of them as slaves fleeing their master, Fidel Castro. It used to happen here in the United States, before Abraham Lincoln. Now we either send them back to their master, La Grande Cucaracha, or put them in irons, almost like happened in the United States before the Civil war. Odd, how history repeats itself, isn't it?

Well, dear cousins, I hope that this fifty dollars will help you through another month. I am going down to buy a hundred lottery tickets, like I do for each new one; well, one of these days when I win it, I'll send you a couple of hundred.


PS Oh, in your last letter you mentioned how the paint keeps falling off the walls in your home. Do you know that here you could just run down to the store and buy a can of paint in a few minutes to fix that! You'd like it here.


It was but 44 years ago...but 44 years ago? No, it was 44 long years ago that Fidel Castro stated that Cubans would soon have free elections. He lied.

He also then told the world that he was not a Communist, while daily they were executing members of the former dictator's (Juan Batista) party in true Marist fashion, through public trials (really Kangaroo Courts), with people chanting, "Paredon, paredon" and then the prisoner would be taken out to face a firing squad. Again, he lied.


That lying, murdering, thieving, feeble-minded old cockroach is still in power after 44 years and, Khadafi-like (Lybia), he's brought Cuba to the verge of total ruin. He has let the cities of Cuba deteriorate, buildings and monuments virtually disintegrate, the homes for its' citizens become almost untenable, stolen businesses from their owners and made them hollow shells of what they once were, ruined the sugar cane and rum industry, allowed the transportation system to totally collapse, the financial strength of the nation topplel into a bottomless abyss, the roads fall into disrepair, enslaved the people, taken away the heart and spirit of a once vital nation so that they live in constant fear of ending up in one of his prisons, and lied, lied, lied, while imprisoning, torturing and executing those who disagreed with him.

Fear is pervasive all over the island, nothing works as it should, and the hopes and aspirations of its' people wither on the branches of a Marxist tree that never bears any fruit.

He can give speeches 8 hours long, longer than the longest-winded filibustering Southern politician of the 1930s, and tell more lies in an hour than they could in a whole day.

What does the United Nations do about it? Not a damn thing. It is the most ineffectual pansied organization in the world today, at a cost of billions of dollars. It is laughable. Why just recently a few Iraqi terrorists scared the Hell out of the U.N. and drove it out of Bagdhad in a single week, so what can you expect from them? It's a gutless group of sniveling talking-head cowards, but loved by liberals because they know that the U.N. delegates will always sit around and talk peace, talk it forever, talk it to death, while the tyrants of the world murder tens of thousands of innocents. They'll do this while guys like Fidel Castro enslave a nation for 44 years and steal its' citizens blind, while depriving Cuban citizens of every form of freedom, even to the extent of stealing their children from them. They ignored the tyranny of Hassad, Hussein, Amin and Khadafi as well, regimes that terrorized the honest and hard-working citizens while promoting the thugs and goons to positions of prominence.

It is time for the statesmen of the world, the Presidents and Prime Ministers of free countries, to present a united demand that elections be held in Cuba now, at once, and that neither Fidel Castro nor his smarmy brother Raul, be allowed to run for office.

The Cubans who have suffered under his tyrannical rule for 44 years deserve to be freed from Marxist enslavement and to be allowed to run their own country in a democratic society, free of that mass-murderer and his cohorts in crimes against them. They deserve nothing less. Doesn't the fact that more than 30,000 have died while trying to cross the Florida Straits to freedom mean anything to the delegates to the United Nations? It is time for that weak-kneed organization called the United Nations to call a tribunal and issue an arrest warrant for Fidel and Raul Castro, and the men who aided them in their thievery from the Cuban people.

One wonders how many hundreds of millions, if not billions, the Castro family has hidden away for the time when they're forced to flee Cuba?

During these 44 years, it should be pointed out, the only improvement in Cuba has been that provided by foreign capitalists in the Tourist Zone. Marxism could not even build a decent resort; it had to ask Capitalists to provide both the know-how and the money to do it. It is the sole success of 44 years of rule by the most inept leader of any country in the world today, AND IT WAS ACHIEVED BY CAPITALISM, NOT MARXISM!

The simple truth is that not one dictator in power today has achieved anything worthwhile, except to build monuments to himself. The simple truth is that Marxism has resulted in more than 100 million deaths and has not a single gainful accomplishment to its name, except if you count tyranny and murder (which Liberals seem to tolerate).

Now, it is time to squash the Cockroach,, Fidel Castro, fini por la Maxima Cuchracha!

Saturday, December 06, 2003


He's probably living a pretty uncomfortable life on a day to day basis, but he's got to turn up somewhere, soon.

The same with Osama. The sooner we nail these two turkeys, the sooner we can relax a little. As long as they're alive, they're plotting. That's a certaintity. Dead is better. No way do we want them captured alive. Bloodthirsty? Well, give me one reason they should live?

Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Just in Los Angeles County alone we lose more young men every day, month in and month out, than we actually lose in battle in Iraq. It is much like a war zone in parts of L.A. County. It's unfortunate, but we don't lose just gang-bangers, who are out to assassinate each other, but also, annually, scores of fine young people who are mistakenly shot by these gang-members! That's horrible. Just read about the outstanding athletes and high-school students, the young college students, who lose their lives to this scum in drive-by shootings.

Yet, each young man or woman killed in Iraq was also a very special person, a patriotic American, a volunteer, and it is horrendous that we suffer such losses. They've had lots of training and they're a valuable part of our military team, whether it is a Private or a Captain or a Colonel. My heart goes out to their mothers and fathers, their sisters and brothers. They've paid the price for freedom, and they've given their lives for us.

Yes, there are so many who disagree with the U.S. presence in Iraq, who feel that they should not be over there at all. Yet, we either fight terrorism in the mid-East or we fight it here at home. While they are attacking our troops in Iraq and we suffer casualities there, they don't have the ability to do all the damage right here in the U.S. that they'd like to do, as they demonstrated with strikes against the Trade Towers and the Pentagon.

Which would you prefer, to fight on foreign soil or here in the U.S.? The attacks against two U.S. Consulates were actually considered as blows against the U.S. itself, because of the nature of foreign Consulates. Our Consulates are technically considered U.S. territory.

Do you think for one minute that these Al Qaeda trained terrorists don't have an ultimate target, that the U.S. is not their target of choice, that they don't want to sew the seeds of destruction in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Miami? Those American soldiers in Iraq are our first line of defense, and if you don't know that, then you do not know much about war or terrorism!

The U.S. Army is keeping the enemy occupied there, and as long as they keep assaulting our troops in Baghdad, and Hussein's and bin Laden's men are getting killed there, it means that they are not doing damage in the U.S., that they cannot concentrate their efforts on targets here.

Think not? Think I am wrong? Well, son, you'd have said the same thing on August 30, 2001. That's the date Milli and I had dinner at the restaurant below, and then were at the top of the Trade Towers late that evening, viewing a peaceful New York and New Jersey, and the courteous guards up there were telling us all about it; we were the last ones to take the elevator down that night! It would take me pages to describe my feelings of pride and happiness as I stood in those 360 degree-view windows looking out at the flickering lights up and down the Hudson River and the East River.

Yes, those of you who are anti-war, would have denied the possibility of a potential attack in ten days on that beautiful night, and I might have also, but I don't see it that way now.

Think about that for a few minutes. You don't even have a clue to how vicious these people can be. Once we pull back from Iraq, if we do it too soon, you'll find out. They're relentless, merciless, and suicidal. We must kill both Saddam and Osama, and make no mistake, nothing less will do. You've got to cut the head off the serpent, not cage it. If that's saying too much to stomach, then read the pap from more Liberal writers who seem to wish for our defeat rather than victory. There is no substitute for Victory.

There is also no other way to achieve Victory other than by fighting until you win, by completely defeating the enemy and destroying their leadership. We did it with Mussolini, with Hitler, with Tojo, and now it is time to do it with both Hussein and bin Laden.

Yes, we'll continue to lose 50 or 100 men each month, most likely, but remember, we lost 4,000 in an hour on 9/11. It could as easily have been 14,000, except for timing and the bravery of many Americans. There are other plots being hatched by Al Qaeda right now, make no mistake about that, and our invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with triggering them. If anything, it has delayed them or made them ineffective. Our military overseas are there to do a job and they deserve every ounce of support we can give. As patriotic Americans, that's the very least we owe them and the very least can do for them. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers every day.

Monday, December 01, 2003


Sen. Joe Liberman spoke on TV today, and he sent us all a very important message: Support the President and the military in Iraq, and let them know we are behind them 100%. Now, he is an American I can admire, no matter what his political affiliation.

On one news type program they showed the Iraqi people digging up another mass grave that held 3,000 bodies, including women and children, all shot to death by Saddam's killers.

It was gruesome, but these people carried those skeletal remains, with bits of cloth clinging to the bodies, in a loving tender manner, searching for their family members who disappeared into one of Hussein's prisons, never to emerge. The skulls all had bullet holes in them, some still had cloth blindfolds over the eyes.

What horrors those people lived under! Do I doubt any charges made against that murderous tyrant? Hell, no. (Damn, we've got another tyrant, fully as guilty of murder as Hussein, 90 miles off our shores.)

Yes, we have lost men and are still losing them in this action in the Persian Gulf, but damn it, there was a job to do and no one else was willing or capable of doing it. My prayers tonight will not bring a single solder back from the dead, but I hope that at least one of them reads my words here so that he or she knows that I and my family stand behind them 100%.

The Liberal writer's at the New York Times can go to hell, the whole phony lot of those bastards. WE support our men when they are overseas, believe me, as do most Americans.