Tuesday, January 25, 2005

So, as a Blogger, I'm falling further and further behind. It isn't that I don't have ideas or thoughts, but it is a matter of time. My place is chock-full of boxes of papers and it looks like a lifetime of filing and sorting will not make a dent in it. It is hell to realize that you've reach 80 years of age and you've accumulated more than you can possibly digest or use for research, that orderliness and a strict regimine would have done more for your peace of mind and output than anything else.

My papers are nothing compared to those of some people I know.

Believe me, it is a disease. It paralyzes you. It is the most horrible of all avoidable sicknesses. What if we had to flee our homes? What would we take with us? A lifetime's accumulation of magazines and newspapers and other junk? What would we choose? Just think of those people whose homes burn or are under water from floods, where it is all lose.

If it is not organized properly, it is useless to you. If things are not filed, they are useless and may as well be burned or under water. I hate to say it, but perhaps a fire or a flood frees many people from their most serious problem, collecting junk that is literally of little value to them or anyone else.


At Tuesday, February 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Cuzzin'
I am grateful you have had the 80 years to accumulate the papers and enjoy the stories which are contained in them. Too much from my generation (Xers that is) is only on-line, and alas, will be lost when the web site is no longer kept up. I have saved many stories that you sent me as a little girl (I loved the worms of Solvang) and plan to keep them even if I only look at them once in a great while. Love, Your Little Cuzzin' Elaine


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