Friday, December 24, 2004

Today there was an editorial in the L.A. Times calling on the leftist governments in South America to exert pressure on Hugo Chavez, the new president/dictator of Venezuela to ease up on his reining in of civil rights in that country now. He will completely take over and install his own Castro-life regime, and these pansies who write editorials for the L.A. Times live in hope, fruitless hope, sorry hope, silly hope, that a leftist thug will give in to their simple-minded wishes.

It will never happen. First, he changes the laws, then the imprisonments and executions will begin. There is not one chance in a trillion that he will willingly give up a single inch of ground that he has gained. Not any more than a single grain of sand on the beach can affect the course of a wave washing up on the shore.
These are silly people, no balls, no understanding of how Leftists plan and rule, how they become tyrants and not only the rich, but even the poor lose out. Ball-less writers. Brainless writers. Always believing that there is good in all men, but failing to recognize that some are just evil, such as Saddam Hussein and his two sons. EVIL.


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