Tuesday, September 30, 2003

And more wasted time. Damn, damn, damn.

That was 30 minutes ago and I am more than frustrated. Anyone got any ideas? email me at: howard@syv.com

I have tried to figure this damn thing out, how to add Links and all the rest for two hours tonight and have not accomplished one damnable thing. Good night.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

How I used to love to drive the rural roads in the spring and summer back in the 40s and 50s, because the number of birds was amazing, at least to think back compared to today. When you'd stop and listen, you'd hear all kinds of bird songs, meadowlarks calling, jays squawking, the song of a robin. It was a natural symphony of sound. Today it is missing.

Don't you ever wonder just how much cats have contributed to the decline in the number of song-birds, toads, frogs, lizards, newts, garter snakes and other reptiles?

My aunt had a cat that was a real hunter. This was back in the late 30s, in Hamden, Connecticut, when it was really just a small rural town. The cat would catch, kill and then bring back an average of three or four snakes a day, lining them up on the back porch. It was proud of what it was doing, it seemed, because it would then sit and toy with the dead snakes or smaller reptiles, then arch its' back amd purr when anyone came along.

It was out hunting first thing in the morning until the sun went down, it seemed.

Over the years I've rescued baby birds, just learning to fly, from cats. There was a study done in England on the matter, and some cats in the films made during the study were shown to be damned good hunters, as good or better than the one my aunt had so many years ago. The raises the question: Do cats belong in the wild, or even outdoors? Certainly they have an effect on the bird population, and perhaps on the numbers of endangered small animals as well.

In a nearby National Park people are trapping feral cats, neutering them, and then returning them to the wild. How many baby ducks are they killing? Rabbits? Possums? Small lizards? Certainly they're not native to the park and one wonders, once they're caught, should they be turned loose in the park again?

If the U.S. government can spend a million or two on a study of the effect of gases on the environment from buffalo farts (true), how about studying the damage done by feral or loose family cats?

Friday, September 26, 2003

Susie is a very loving and very caring person, so she gives her Pot-Bellied Pigs a lot of attention. A good part of each day of her life is devoted to those pigs, all 150 of them. She has nursed the piglets on bottles, getting up time and again through the night to nourish them. There are stories I could cite that would amaze you at her determination and devotion, as well as the many people who help her. They're very dedicated.

There are people who do the same for colts, for kittens, puppies, deer, pigeons, birds, hawks, wild animals and tame animals of all kinds and all descriptions. I've done it as well, with kittens, puppies, rabbits and birds.

Yet, at what point do we draw a line, at what point are we going to far? I don't know. Do you?

On an island off the California coast there were hundreds of goats that were wild, but since they were not native to the island, they were destroying all the plants, grasses, bushes, and even trees that were indigenous to the group of islands to which they belonged. They had to be removed.

At first they allowed hunters to shoot them. After all, they're part of the diet to the people of Mexico and so they became game for them. But, we had people objecting to that, so they trapped them and took them elsewhere. Some managed to elude the traps, so they sent in additional people to capture them and even used helicopters to carry them out.

The cost of all of this was quite high, but it was authorized even though the state was in a financial crisis. There are those who question the wisdom of such an endeavor, do you?

There were wild sheep that were all trapped and sent to a refuge in Oregon, the costs probably exceeding the value of those sheep ten times over. Now they graze peacefully in Oregon and only old age will take them out of this world. There's a huge annual cost to all of this, and who bears it? Most often, we do. Yet, for Susie's operation SHE raises all the funds from people who feel a love for those little (and some are also VERY big animals).

Yet, if the money for the sheep or the goats came out of your retirement funds, would you spend it? Would you think the cause was worth the sacrifice?

Recently friends of mine spent over ten thousand dollars in vet's bills to save the life of a seven months old dog they had only recently adopted from the local shelter. It had run off and been hit by a car while they were exercising it in the country. That ten thousand came out of their retirement funds. They have three other dogs. So, it would not be as if it were their only pet, nor had they yet become so attached to it as they had with the six and eleven and twelve year old dogs.

Supposing they had not had it in the bank and it would have been necessary to put it on their credit cards? What's your view?

Another husband and wife spent fifteen thousand on radiation for their twelve year old dog, cancer of course. He said to me, "Why not? These two dogs are part of our family."

The Feds have spent more than $50 million on the wild horse program, trapping them, maintaining them until someone adopts them, and millions more go into that program every year. Wild mustangs. At one time the ranchers rounded up a lot of them each year and sold them to slaughter houses for use in dog meat. That did not cost the government anything, and was self-sustaining. Wolves eat horses after long chases, wild battles, and cruel deaths. What's wrong with the rancher's solution?

A man drowned some kittens a few years back and was arrested for cruelty to animals. He got a year or so in jail. Yet, when I was young, I remember my aunt taking five kittens away from our cat and drowning them, leaving just one for her to nurse. There were too many cats in the neighborhood, too much catterwauling at night as they fought on backyard fences, and they peed on the cellar windows of the house where people had females, leaving a horroble smell behind.

We were used to things like that; life was more basic, death a little closer. Chickens would have their heads chopped off in those days, plucked and in the pot in half an hour or so. Today we play by a different set of rules. Yet, feral cats in the woods are often plucked from the ground by a hawk or eagle and suffer a much more bizarre death than drowning. Coyotes regularly catch cats in the Hollywood hills and eat them. Is there some logic there somewhere?

It's a bit diffuclt to understand, especially for people who emigrate from Cambodia or VietNam where in some areas dogs are considered a delicacy, or from remote areas of Australia where native tribesmen now hunt cats instead of rabbits and kangaroos. But more than a year in jail for killing kittens by one method, when in the shelter they'd most likely gas the animals that fair to get adopted. It gives one pause, doen't it?

Years ago I spent a Thanksgiving at a home where they had a dog with paralysis of the hind quarters, so it was carefully diapered each morning. As we sat in the kitchen talking, the odor was foul.

Then, we moved into the dining room and they carved and served the turkey. Suddenly there came a "Yip, yip, yip." "Oh," said the hostess, "Jennie wants to be with us for Thanksgiving," and she went back into the kitchen and carried to box with the little dog in it to the dining room. I have a most sensitive nose and the odor, to me, was overwhelming.

tomorrow I'll add a comment section, as soon as I figure out how to do it, so come on back, if you want to say something.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Can you believe a party with about 50 people attending to raise money for Susie's continuing effort at helping the pot bellied pigs? Susie has probably done more to help raise the awareness of the plight of the poor pot-bellied-pigs there in the United States than any person in the world. Why just this morning she appeared on the Cindy Garvey program for an interview. There we are, Solvang, the center of the universe for the homeless little pot-bellied-pigs.

Not every town of 3,800 people can make that claim to fame. Susie has her own little world out there on Peter's acreage. They have houses, cute houses, and blankets, and lots of good food, but not too much, because they'd get to big and these are supposed to be small animals, not big ones.

The reason people abandon them is that they over-feed them and soon, what should be about 100 pounds is up to 200 or 250 pounds and that's a lot of pig to be running around your house (oh yes, they can be house-broken).

I'm going to post some pictures of the pigs if I can ever figure out how to do two columns on this blog, and how to insert pictures in it as well.

They rasied exactly $444 tonight for the care and feeding of the pigs, but I am sure that those women (and men) put in $5,000 worth of personal time preparing for this party, including some good Texas chili (toned down for some stomachs, so really not up to par as far as heat goes).

Susie trained one pig to pick out a tune on a piano. Sorry Susie, but I hate to confess that all the time I'd be thinking of a barbequed pork sandwhich and so could not be trusted to be alone with one of them too long. She also has a miniature hereford cow and calf.

You could make a western a lot cheaper with them, and miniature horses ridden by midgets. You could probably do it all in the ballroom at the Beverly Hilton after covering the dancefloor with soil.

There's a miniature horsefarm out on Alamo Pintado Road and one of the mares gave birth to a dwarf colt. Damn, you could run a herd of them in your living room, couldn't you? But let's see, I was at the party, wasn't I. I'm going to write the lyrics to a western song the guys were singing elsewhere and link to it. it's wild, if you haven't heard it before.

Monday, September 15, 2003

He that would keep his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.
Thomas Paine

How many people died each year that Saddam Hussein was in power from either torture, execution, or his unprovoked wars? There was literally no way for the Iraqis to overthrow the murderous dictator on their own, short of his own Palace Guard assassinating him and his two sons at the same time, as well as his leading generals. That would have been a difficult task to say the least, but it still would have left the Baath Party in control and soon another ruthless dictator would have replaced him.

The same holds true for Fidel Castro and Cuba. It most likely is impossible for the citizenry of Cuba to accomplish anything in respect to overthrowing his tyrannical regime. It is for the United Nations to consider the words of Thomas Paine, for if they do have International Law at the U.N., it should be enforced. Those words are as meaningful today as they were then.

Tyranny must be cast out wherever it is found.

For those who seem to prefer socialism to capitalism, study the changes in Russia over the past ten years, how the economy has blossomed, and as personal iniative grows, it is rapidly turning things around. http://s16.sitemeter.com/stats.asp?site=s16Hearlem

Friday, September 12, 2003

Just about ten days before the Trade Towers went down, Milli and I were up there on top enjoying the view on a beautiful summer evening, looking north at the George Washington Bridge, then south at the Narrows Bridge, spectacular, peaceful, and the city slept below us as the hour approached midnight. We took the last elevator down that night.

Never, in my wildest imagination, could I have imaged that while we were up there, a plan was being hatched which would take both towers down, down within the space of thirty minutes of each other. And, we had had dinner at the dining room of the Marriott Hotel just below the towers a couple of hours earlier.

It is hard to imagine that one man, Osama bin Laden, could have held such hatred in his heart for the United States, and Americans, that he could conceive of such a dastardly act, that he could attempt to destroy thousands of lives at once, because there are times when those buildings might have more than 20,000 people in them. An hour or two later and the death toll would have been considerably higher. If the planes had hit fifty feet below where they did, the toll would also have increased. So many factors that meant the difference between life and death for so many.

Tyranny takes so many forms. On September 11, 2002 Afghanistan was suffering under the lashes of the Taliban, men and women who did not conform to some of the many cruel ideas of different mullahs could be beaten, stoned, or killed, no rhyme nor reason to it, a country ruled by fear.

And the same held true in Iraq, ruled by the cruel Saddam Hussein. Today both are free, free to elect their own leaders and free from these monsters.

It was a masterful tactical strike, and the effects radiated around the world, and they will continue to be felt for years to come. We know that those members of Al Quaeda still alive are continuing to plot and we must continue to be alert, because we have no idea when the threat of their terrorist acts will be over, no idea when it will be over.

All we can do is to remain alert. All we can do is to try to deny them a next time. It won't be easy, but then, we have the strength and will to do it, and we must.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

The #767 Scam came into my mail box a 2nd time today. They're obviously SPAMMING this pretty strong.

The telephone companies in the US should be blocking all access to countries that tolerate this type of Internatinal Fraud. There's simply no excuse for it when computers can instantly trace and single out such attempts at wholesale fraud, frauds which target innocent and often needy people. Loss of telephone privileges due to a fraud of this type can interfere with emergency calls, shut-ins, contact with family members who might be ill, etc.

If your friends have teen-agers who are constantly on the Internet, they may also receive this and they're move impulsive, more apt to reply to this type of challenging message. Send them a copy of this information in order to alert them to what is going on. If they've already fallen for this SCAM, HAVE THEM CALL THEIR TELEPHONE COMPANIES AT ONCE AND PROTEST, BEFORE THE BILL IS PAID!!

A delay can be very costly to you. There are so many things going on today, such as scams like this, which are very unfair but yet you find there is little that you can do about them. Lower echelon people in major corporations may be sympathetic, but the corporate rules do not allow them any room to maneuver in a manner which might be helpful to you. There are porno sites, for example, that buy credit card numbers by the thousand and bill your account on a monthly basis, but if you don't catch it and do something about it within 60 days, you're stuck with the charges.

Unfair? Yes. But you're still stuck no matter what you do.

Monday, September 08, 2003

No matter how experienced you are, this one might be scary. At least it will be for most everyone but my nephew. He never gets upset by such things.

A copy of the latest one to come in my email is produced below. It came in an hour ago, but something seemed suspicious about it when I noticed their telephone number #767 (area code) at the bottom. They'd be facing a big law suit, so either it had to be someone else's number they wished to make trouble for, or there must be some other reason behind it.

Why pull such a dirty trick and then tell them where to locate you? I called Information and the Operator finally came up with the source for the #767 area code, the Caribbean island of Dominica, a place where they can most likely charge you $25 or more per minute, and before you're aware of it, they've hit you up for hundreds of dollars.

They've used other ruses in the past. DO NOT DIAL A #767 NUMBER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Below is the message in its entirely, so read it carefully:

If you were dumb enough to open this email then you will find a WORM has executed itself through your mailbox
and by the time you read this into your hard-drive. This is PAYBACK for the Virus you disguised in the email you sent
to us recently which destroyed our hard-drive and back-up system. This costs us thousands of dollars and we lost a lot
of irreplaceable files on our system.

Now it's your turn to have your computer infected. This WORM it is undetectable by AntiVirus software and it will drive your computer crazy because it's always hiding and causing havoc in your system. Using your computer recovery disks will not remove the problem cause it still stays on your computers Motherboard. This will proabably cost you a new computer and I sincerely hope this teaches you a lesson not to send people
nasty viruses again.

Evocash Administration Inc.
Phone: +1 767 4499922
Fax: +1 767 4499922


Some of you may have seen it before, but I've made a number of calls and this is a new one even to my IPS Service. DO NOT CALL AND DO NOT FAX THEM. That's what they want from you. Imagine the teen-agers who will call and fight them, then see their parents get hit with a huge bill? It can be humongous, and after the telephone company has paid these crooks, they won't want to refund a nickel to you. The crooks can make off with hundreds of thousands, even millions, in a few weeks time.

Again, alert your local newspapers. Or cut and paste this Site: www.yeoldecodger.com

While I was talking to the operator, he told me that there is a second version of this one from Dominica, but this one leaves a message at the homes of men and women serving in Afghanistan or Iraq, and tells them that it is about their family member overseas and that it is important. Many, if not all, call back immediately, and after dragging them through endless delays, they've run up a tremendous telephone bill.

Notify your friends by email, and notify your local newspaper to post warnings as well. It's not bad enough with all the Scams originating in Nigeria, and elsewhere in Africa, but now this one. There are evil people around, crooks, liars and cheats who don't care a thing about the damage they do to innocent people all around the globe.

Cut and paste the URL: http://www.yeoldecodger.com

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Now, this Blog about floored me today, (I found this reference on: Annika's Journal & Poetry) by a teen-ager who wrote a statement to the effect that not all teen-agers were lazy TV couch-potatoes, that he did a lot of cogitating about various things (naming them as homophobia [no such word], environmental issues, etc.), and that he also knew about the pitfalls of capitalism. Gadzooks, Sandy, did you hear that? The evils, real evils of Capitalism!

Yep, certainly must be a real Californeeee-a eddy-cation, eh. Perhaps he's around Berkeley somewhere, or in San Francisco, or could it be Santa Monica?

Go to Google and search for: Annika's Journal and Poetry for more. She's not shy about language though.

Now if this teensy-weenie budding socialist wants to learn quickly about the difference between socialism and capitalism, all he has to do is to go to Miami. There are plenty of people there who will gladly fill him in. Hey, go to the International Zone in Cuba and see what "capitalism hath wrougt." Then go to any small town in Cuba (by private car, of course, because public transportation is almost non-existant except for riding in the bed of a dump-truck) and see how they live. Visit the apartments of the ordinary people and see the paint peeling off the walls, the 50 to 100 year old plumbing, the state of disrepair everywhere, the lack of ordinary things anywhere.

Oh yes, these U.S. grown socialists visit there, leave quickly to get back home, and then tell us lies about how good it is there. What's good? Schools. Yep, with military discipline, the kids go to school to learn and heaven help the class clown. Free medical care. Certainly, free lousy medical care except for socialists from abroad who are sent to Havana's finest hospitals, those usually reserved for Fidel, his family, and his cronies.

Where do they earn the best money, why in the capitalist zone. Where do they see modern plumbing? Why in the capitalst zone. Where do they see nice clothese? Why in the capitalist zone.

Can you imagine this little crapper, living in the best country with the most conveniences, in the world and he knows all about the evils of capitalism. Oh, how I wish he could have talked to those people I personally knew who fled communist Hungary, Czechoslavakia, Germany, Roumania, and Poland. These California-raised socialists don't know a damn thing about life, about the real world, about the executions under socialism, a dream world, a Utopia that never has and never will exist. Yes, I spoke with a survivor of the Russian Gulag in Murmansk, Russia, back in December of 1944, and I have never forgotten it. I saw how they lived, and I also read the lies and distortions about life in America in books published in Moscow.

This little crapper says that "much like Whitney Houston, I believe that children are the future." Jeeezzz, what wisdom. Although the way he thinks, they can well be the past. With thinking like that, this country won't have any future, believe me. As if anything inspirational has come out of the mouths of the Babes in Hollywood either in recent months. You'd think when they tented the houses in Beverly Hills, they'd have gotten rid of all the cockroaches, but it's quite obvious that they haven't.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Do you wish to commit the optimized values to your system? How's that for speaking in plain English to us elderly computer owners? Sheeeesshhh. That's from PC Booster. CEO, take note.

Then there's a modem booster. Tell me, why do I need one or the other? Why doesn't my Windows ME already cover these issues? Remember, if any Geeks read this, I speak English. I am not an engineer. YOU have sold me a computer and I want to use it, and in order to understand what is going on, you have to speak my language.

If I head for Greece, I'll learn some words in Greek, not the ancient Mayan language. Understand? You sit in those offices in your Levi's and Adidas, perhaps step outside to smoke a bit of hash, and then start writing copy for ME! Sure, a lot of trained people do understand, but I still say that the majority do not. If you enter my home, speak my language.

I don't know about the rest of you, but not a day goes by that I do not receive at least 6 to 10 emails about women laughing at the size of it. Now, if you're like me, you just don't go flashing it around, so your days should pass by without causing several women to double over in a laughing fit. Then, how much faith would you have in sending someone your money who cannot even spell enlarge correctly, not only that, but sends this example of his stupidity to millions of people?

Then, with all the different offers from herbal pills to who-knows-what-the-hell-is-in-it, it seems to say that either Americans have gone completely bananas or that there are a lot of suckers out there buying into a stupid business opportunity scam each and every day. Imagine, just take a pill and one part of your body will begin to grow. What the sucker/buyers need is a pill that enlarges their brain, but then, the lack of a brain is why guys buy these pills. Just imagine if the pill worked on their noses, fingers or breasts instead?

The whole thing is insulting, that women, for example, should find this trash in their email each and every day. Then, there were the really raunchy porn sites. For several months hardly a day went by without some very explicit ones showing up in my mail. With the preview feature in Outlook Express, this trash pops right up, and again, for kids, women, people with strict moral codes, it's all there to offend, sent by people who simply don't respect the privacy or beliefs of the rest of the world.

There doesn't seem to be any way to stop these people from loading our mail with such trash. When I was out of town for a few days I returned to find 332 emails, and about 10 from legitimate correspondents. Lowest mortgage rates is another constant. Can people really be making a profit from all of this? Then, someone who has "seen your profile wants to get in touch with you, " or, we met at the office and such ruses to get you to open the email. But, how many men or women have gotten in trouble with their spouses because they happened to see such a message? How many? The senders don't care about the trouble they can cause, do they? What kind of people are these who would do that to innocent people all over the country or even, around the world? A jealous husband or wife might not accept an explanation. It shows you how many creeps are out there, doesn't it?

Bad Credit, Viagara, Free Adult Movies, Printer Cartridges, Virus Detection, Home Business Opportunities, and on and on it goes. I question why so many offers come from Norton Anti-Virus, and there again, the spelling is often so bad it makes Norton look as if they have a dozen copy-writing morons in their employment. I quit Norton and went back with MacAfee, but that damn pop-up box that, well, pops-up every time I turn on the computer is a pain in the butt. Note to Norton's CEO: Drop dead. Note to Macafee's CEO: Likewise. Who can understand what they mean in their advertising? (See yesterday's Blog).

Friday, September 05, 2003

The "Disappeared Blog"
Yep, Blogger is still not doing things right. Another hour gone to waste. I wrote, posted and published a Blog earlier today, but it has simply vanished from the face of the earth, or from this Blogsite. Daaaaaammmmmmmmmmmnnnnn. Something seems to be amiss, because Blogger is not functioning correctly. Below you'll note that the other night it would not work at all. But I have a bone to pick with computer Geeks with Software companies.

MacAfee for example. Supposedly it is an anti-virus program, but every time you click on the big red M, they're trying to sell you something else, and if you don't have a lot of schooling in computers, you really don't know whether you should buy it or not. For example, PC Booster. With it I am supposed to "tweak" this and "tweak" that to adjust something in my computer. I don't know what the hell I am supposed to be adjusting, or why. Damnit, I simply don't. I spend a lot of time on the computer almost every day, but half of the instructions I simply cannot understand! Damnit, I cannot.

For example, for a security Firewall trial, they say: click here if you want to install, so I clicked there and nothing happened. Nothing. Then I clicked on install and nothing happened there either. So, they have two places to click for a 30 day trial and neither one of them works! Balderdash.

I've installed all their updates for the Virus Scan program as I have been aware of them, but tonight again, it says that I am only 70% safe. I've tried over and over to update it, but simply cannot. It still shows 70% and I am worried about this new worm. My friend, Joe, back in Connecticut, told me tonight that he needs to replace a $350 part because of a virus. Joe, like me, is a WWII vet. He wants to cut the testicles off the guy who came up with the virus and roast them, before forcing the guy to eat them with a spaghetti dinner. He'll throw in the salad free.

Then the instructions say: you may run PC Booster in tray icon mode. Sheeeesh. What in the hell is a tray icon mode? I sure as hell don't know. I know what a tray is, also an icon, and what mode means, but damned if it makes sense to put the three of them together. (MacAfee CEO take note.)

Yes, if there was on phrase that everyone hated in Windows 95 and 98, it was that inane, moronic, imbecelic, stupid line: You have performed (?) an illegal operation, etc. Time and again I emailed Microsoft on that one: "The only illegal operation I know of is an abortion, and that phrase you use is truly an abortion." Each time they dutifully replied and now that I had a name I would write back, oh, at least 50 times, and then a supervisor called me on the telephone, at which point I reiterated and explained my position, as well as that of about 25 other elderly people here in this mobile home park, concerning their opinions. She said that she'd made a note about my complaint and they would discuss it at the next executive meeting.

Now going back to PC Booster, and Autotune, I don't know at this point whether I am trying or buying, or even if the damn thing is downloaded or installed. I read so much confusing jargon that I am lost once again. I'd like to tape some of this jargon, then force them to sit and listen to it for a full 24 hours, over and over again at full volume.

There's another note on MacAfee: Note to subscribers using browser pop-up controls. I've never heard of them either, and his is my 5th year with a compouter. (Hey, that spelling is better, isn't it?) C O M P O U T E R. Wow. A terrific typo.

INSTALL INCREASED BROWSER SECURITY Now, there's another box by MacAfee, and I don't know whether that is the anti-hacker software, the Firewall, or something different. Amazing how we're all so interconnected today, and some guy thousands of miles away can decide that he's going to make a mess of your day, so he sends out a Virus, and millions of computers have to set up their defenses to stop it, or spend a week or so getting things back in order. You wouldn't think that anyone could be that viscious, would you?

And to you guys and gals who write computer programs, the software for us, remember that there are a lot of innocent old geezers like me out there, trying to understand those directions you write. We handed you a pretty decent country, and system, to begin with. There's no reason to take your anger out on us when you write a program; use plain English. We're not all engineers like you.

Last night I tried for more than half an hour to access my site. It kept telling me my name and code were wrong, so I sent them a message and got exactly the same thing I was using back. So, I tried again, and again, reading from their emails, until almost went bananas. Never coulld access it, so eamiled them again and went to bed.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Johnny Depp finally made his anti-U.S. statement in the German magazine Der Stern. It has been five or six months since the rhubarb between the U.S. and France was in all the newspapers, but it finally managed to make its' way into the inner catacombs of this dumb bunny's fuzzy brain, where it curdled for weeks upon weeks, and then, as he struggled to assimilate them, they finally oozed out of his ears just in time to catch up with a reporter for Der Stern and make sort of international headlines.

One wonders whether Hollywood gives special tests to these stars (?), or if there is a certain low-mentality bar under which they must pass, before they are allowed to blossom into this category. They seem to choose to make most of their assinine assertions and anti-American sentiments known from foreign soil. As far as I am concerned, they can stay there. France enjoys its' freedom due to the American GIs back in WWII, and many of the French remember the months they spent under the heels of the Nazi jackboots. The Nazis even used the guillotine to execute the men and women who fought in the underground against them, and if I remember correctly, they used it almost as often as during the French revolution. That's why Dips**t Johnny can make his remarks today, without fear of retribution.

Weren't he and Janine Garafolo co-joined when they were born and separated several months later by a team of surgeons? From the noises the two of them make, there has to be some truth to that rumor. She's about as looney as they come too.

Well, he's safe in the south of France, I guess, with his two kids and his French wife. He's still got French Fries on the brain though, but perhaps one day he'll figure it all out and in penance aim a .45 at the left side of his head so that when he pulls the trigger he hits the single brain cell he was born with. Maybe his French wife's genes will help the kids to overcome their father's handicap and they'll grow up decent citizens.

Janine's doctors haven't figured out yet if she actually has one, but they are in hopes that the latest series of x-rays helps them to locate it, her single brain cell I mean. However, even that would seem to be an overabundance for this dolly judging by the statements she has been making about her flag and country.

If two tomatoes like this lived in Cuba, once they outed Fidel Castro, they'd have been buried in a cattle pen up to their necks in swill and then allowed to slowly drown. In the U.S., it's all in the free speech mode and they can get away with it. They need a tour of Saddam's torture chambers so that they can appreciate what the Iraqis lived under for more than twenty years, maybe even to spend a few weeks locked in one.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003


They've stolen billions from the pockets of America's small and large businesses. It does not matter which company it is, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club or Discover Card, they're busier than a chicken plucker at a 1910 Church barbeque, but they're plucking the profits out of every business that has signed up with them. Like the old Mafioso, they're right there in your pocket every time.

It's like the old protection racket in New York, only these guys have somehow made it legitimate. If you ask me, they're still theives at heart. It's become a new form of slavery, only dressed up in new clothes and without regard to race, creed or color.

Monday, September 01, 2003


No one is more vicious in their attacks on Republicans and/or Conservatives than Gary Trudeau, author of the political cartoon strip, Doonesbury. This strip is, in fact, so heavily weighted in favor of his Liberal friends and his political philosophy, and so anti-Bush and his administration, that it does not belong on the page with other Comic strips.

To classify it as a comic strip is a gross misrepresentation, but what he's after are young minds, and this he has access to by remaining on the page with the strips that are pure entertainment.

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