Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Well, I cannot tell you how she did it, but my Granddaughter has built her own Blog and already has a very lengthy and beautiful blog. Down below you'll see her note to me. It surprised the heck out of me, and how she remembered by entry code, I do not know. I gave it to her the night of my 80th Birthday early this month. I did not think that she'd remember it.

And, she's just eleven.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Today there was an editorial in the L.A. Times calling on the leftist governments in South America to exert pressure on Hugo Chavez, the new president/dictator of Venezuela to ease up on his reining in of civil rights in that country now. He will completely take over and install his own Castro-life regime, and these pansies who write editorials for the L.A. Times live in hope, fruitless hope, sorry hope, silly hope, that a leftist thug will give in to their simple-minded wishes.

It will never happen. First, he changes the laws, then the imprisonments and executions will begin. There is not one chance in a trillion that he will willingly give up a single inch of ground that he has gained. Not any more than a single grain of sand on the beach can affect the course of a wave washing up on the shore.
These are silly people, no balls, no understanding of how Leftists plan and rule, how they become tyrants and not only the rich, but even the poor lose out. Ball-less writers. Brainless writers. Always believing that there is good in all men, but failing to recognize that some are just evil, such as Saddam Hussein and his two sons. EVIL.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Remember, the more you ask the government to do for you, such as a national medical care program, the more the government will control your life.

That isn't the way the Founding Fathers saw it. That's the way many people see it though, that if the government takes care of us, we will all be well off. That's what Hitler promised and he won over a nation and then brought them into misery. That's what Lenin promised, and he sent those who disagreed with him to Siberia, those that he did not sentence to death by firing squad that is. That's what Castro promises (but does not deliver), and those who disagree are either killed or put in prison. Saddam did not promise anything, just killed those who disagreed with him and took it all for himself.

That's the way it is. Read history. They're knawing away at our freedoms right now, and we're allowing it. You cannot read the Bible in school, nor utter the word Christ or God. Is that free speech? Separation of church and state does not mean that your speech should be controlled, but that's the way it is being handled. They're even disarming us on the pretext of assuring our safety. Step by step.

Brother, if you're not speaking up and demanding that this crap be exorcised from our schools and our corporations, then YOU'RE damn well part of the problem. Write letters, email, but it is time to fight back.

Your freedoms I mean. There's a new system slowly evolving, and the landscape of politics is in the process of an evolution that will be vastly different in the next few years. It is a month since the elections and Senator Kerry has conceded, but that does not mean a damn thing--obviously. They're going to do a recount in Ohio, and then slowly, ever so steadily, but slowly, pick away at it until they find loopholes to challenge the whole process. Watch, it will still be going on after Pres. Bush is sworn in for the second time. It'll be going on until the who election process is overturned and the Liberals gain an edge which they will never give up.

They have used dirty politics in New Jersey and Illinois for so many years that they can't stand the thought of losing. They're picking away at us through Communist professors and teachers embedded in the Universities and schools. They're challenging every aspect of religion, every mention of it in any public place, little by little chipping it away. And, we don't fight back! We even have ministers who have fallen for this garbage, ministers without balls, ministers without common sense, giving in. Next these jokers will take Christ and God out of their prayers!

Folks, I just turned 80, but I haven't lost my BALLS. Stand firm and fight back. Take back your schools. Get rid of PC (Political Crap). They're making mental NINNIES out of our children. George Washington, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin all referred to God all the time, and By God, if it was good enough for them, it is good enough for me!

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Now, that's a milestone, isn't it? Somewhere I have a picture taken of my mother holding me when leaving the hospital, and another of my father holding me, probably a couple of days after birth. Time flies when you're having fun.

Well, we've got heroes and anti-heroes. Robert Redford, the Complete Jerk has lionized that idiot Che so greatly in his movie that even the New York Public Library is selling wristwatches with Che's image, and the word, Revolution, on them. Write the Jerk who heads the Library and let him or her know what you think about that. The Spirit of Jane Fonda lives on! You cannot fathom why Hollywood thinks like this, what virus enters them when they begin in films. Or, is it in the acting schools themselves where they get the brainwashing? Che, the Murderer! That's a great watch to give your kid, isn't it?

I think it's an STDs, the virus that causes this type of thinking. Boys and girls, girls and boys, boys and boys, girls and girls, it is spread by genital contact. It used to be Producers and actresses, but that did not seem to result in these particular STDs That's about all I can say about it.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

hi i am emma his grand daughter. and this is prety cool huh?

Monday, December 06, 2004


A friend sent me an email and asked that I write CBS or NBC, whatever, about an upcoming program about Jane Fonda as one of the 100 Great Women of the 20th Century In checking on this, as so often is the case on the Internet, I found it to be erronious, as that program happened in 1999, five years ago.

If the list were 10,000 Great Women of the 20th Century, Jane Fonda would not make it to the bottom step! From there you'd have to trudge through a mile of fetid cow dung to find her.

Baba does not understand the difference between GREAT and Notorious or popular I guess.
Hell, even Bette Midler made Baba's list. She had Greta Garbo, Kathryn Hepburn, Rosa Parks and Amelia Erhart on the list, and with Midler added, that's like a cow-plop on a pizza menu.


Once breathed a woman with soul so dead,
While Communist slogans filled her head.
She journeyed to a foreign land,
There stood astride large bags of sand,
And waved aloft that flag of shame,
While her country’s men she did defame.

When such there breathes, we'll mark her well,
For her no minstrel raptures swell,
Hanoi Jane has a peculiar sound,
That name shall follow her around.

Copyright 2004 Ye Olde Codger

Some people say that Fonda's conduct took place years ago, and the war was wrong. Well, decry it here, where everyone has the right of free speech, but to go over to the enemy and say it there, while our men are in prison, a prison you visit, and to do it there and wish you could fire an anti-aircraft gun and shoot one of our planes,"those motherf**kers" down, that's a close parallel to Benedict Arnold. I lived but a mile from the spot where Benedict Arnold killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel, so I have known the story for almost 75 of my 80 years.

Tell Jane that no amount of exercise erases my memory of those days in which she waved the flag of the enemy. Then, when I talked to a man from South VietNam, a former soldier, who had spent 12 years in a prison camp and heard his story, there is no forgiveness in me. She never appealed to them for justice to those men who starved and died in those camps, as horrible as Hitler's Concentration camps.

Do we forgive such conduct? Is it forgiveable? I don't think so.