Friday, October 31, 2003


Well, it gets crazier every day, every single day. We read more and more about brain-washing the children in school so that they'll grow up to be intolerant anti-gun nuts. The way things are going, within the next 20 years or less, the 2nd Amendment will be voted right out of the Constitution, because that is what this PC crap is all about. It is a steady daily diet of brainwashing with socialist/communist dogma and pure crap.

Did you read this: At Tinton Falls Middle School, in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, a young boy of 13 was expelled for 5 days for drawing a stick figure of a man with a rifle shooting another man, his rendition of soldiers at war. His father is in the Army.

Now, that's just plain stupidity, and Leonard Kelpsh, the School Superintendent is the south end of a horse heading north! Hell, I drew those stick figures by the hundreds every week and so did my best friend and classmate, Richard Schlemm, soldiers charging, shooting, marching, always with guns. We also drew Spads and other fighter planes shooting each other down, our rendition of WWI battles. This was in the mid-30s, 1930s that is. We even had settlers shooting indians at times, and cowboys shooting at each other. Aren't children allowed to know anything about guns? We may have been swatted for drawing instead of reading our lessons, but all that stick-figure carnage did not raise an eyebrow.

Let me say it again, LEONARD KELPSH, you'se (New Jersey accent) is acting just plain stupid. If burning the flag is part of FREE SPEECH, then, dunderhead, so it drawing, even in class. If you cannot establish a strict dress-code because of lawsuits, then you cannot control what kids draw. Watch the mail, jocko, watch the mail! I'm going to post thy addressee so we all can write thee!

We'll end up with namby-pamby kids without a lick of sense if this keeps up.

Thursday, October 30, 2003


Make no mistake about it, there is a credit-card Mafioso, and although they seemingly are legitimate business people, they have the same predatory instincts of the protection and loan-sharking rackets that were so prevalent during the early '30s. If you've read this before on either one of my Blogs or my Website and think I am being repetitious, please understand that I do not think that I can repeat this often enough in order for my readers, especially the younger ones, to take it to heart. You have to regard them as an enemy if you wish to keep out of their clutches and build financial security for yourself. They are your Public Enemy # 1, and if you regard them as such, you have learned Lesson Number One well. Congratulations.

Which corporations do I include in my list of credit card Mafioso? Citibank, for one. Bank of America for another. MBNA, Bank One, Wells Fargo, and a host of others. I'll keep filling in this list as time goes by.

They have a product to sell you: DEBT. They sell you Debt at exhorbitantly high interest rates. Like Evil Spirits, you must exorcise them from your life as much as possible.

A few days ago I asked a question: What is the second largest currency in the world? Don't know the answer? Well, it is Air Miles, the phoniest currency ever, and not a single government entity in the world issues it or backs it. Isn't that just abject stupidity for those of us who accept it, who get involved in it? I think it is. No, I am not calling YOU or anyone else stupid. Intelligent people, though, often do stupid things just like the rest of us. We all allowed Visa and MasterCard and their cohorts to involve us in something utterly stupid, though, an invisible currency that has no real value and can be canceled or changed at any moment by the big banks. What hogwash.

Please. Tell your friends about this Blog-site!

Sunday, October 26, 2003


Well, from all the Bloggers I've followed, even if our Blogs reach only two people, we seem to get some weird satisfaction out of writing them. But, how much of an impression do we make, and what do we accomplish? Something good? Something bad?

I'd like my Blogs to be widely read and make an impact. I'd like my readers to become familiar with some of the startling facts about their personal finances, especially those who dispair of ever getting out of credit card debt.

I'd like to help to keep them from jumping out of the frying pan right into the fire, getting themselves entangled with the other sleazy crowd who claim that they'll help them cancel out their debt, or assist in obtaining financing on their homes to pay off the credit card debt. Oh yeah? Then they end up in read difficulty and their troubles often multiply. Two of my friends lost their homes, the one couple a $300,000 home, by the time a sleazeball got through with them. Every dime lost. Both were incapicated from work-related injuries and could no longer work, and there went their life's savings!

I have a lot of knowledge, a lot of expertise in this area, and it won't cost you a dime to read and learn from it. I've talked to so many people deep in credit card debt, like $35,000 for a waitress/store clerk, who worked two jobs, one just to keep up with the interest on her debt, the other to barely scrape by on. Many young people need my column, many college students especially, and hell, the majority of credit card holders. I ask nothing from you. I've got a burning desire to get back at these Banker/Mafioso types for the way they've shafted the retail business owners who made them successful! The whole story is on the Web, either on this Blog or on Howard's Views.


Saturday, October 25, 2003


  • Taxes are mandatory.
  • Debt is (most often) voluntary.
  • Interest on Debt is a form of Self-taxation.

  • There are two forms of Slavery, chattel and economic.
  • Economic Slavery is allowing yourself to get so deeply into debt that it is difficult to extricate yourself from it.
  • YOU forge your own chains of Economic Slavery, link by link.
  • Credit-card debt is the most prevalent cause of Economic Slavery.
  • Visa and MasterCard have been the direct and sole cause of more bankruptcies than any other single causation in the history of finance in America.
  • Credit-card debt is a refined form of the old Mafia-type loan-shark racket.

  • Bankruptcy filings are currently in the range of a million a year.
  • Tax rebates have little effect on the economy when they barely pay a month's interest on credit-card debt for the average household.
  • Citibank is the largest purveyor of debt in the world today.
  • Banks, like Citibank, MBNA, Bank One, etc., have become predatory in nature; you cannot consider them as "socially responsible" or "friendly" to the citizenry of this country. A better image would be Count Dracula.

    If you consider banks in this light, you will better protect your financial well-being, especially those that specialize in the credit and charge card business.

    Follow these daily blogs and learn how to keep your debts low and your savings and credit high.

  • Thursday, October 23, 2003


    Yes, I have owned my own business for 45 years. And, I worked in small businesses before that, and I was also an independent salesman for years. My father, my uncle, my grandfather, and aunts and uncles all owned businesses too. I believe in our Democratic form of government; I am a patriotic as anyone can be, and I am proud to be one of America's CAPITALISTS!

    I'm not against big business as such. I am not against people who make millions either. I have no jealousy about other people being rich.

    But I damn well do not like to get screwed and screwed royally. I will state here: It is an unequivocal fact that Visa, MasterCard, Citibank, MBNA, Wells Fargo and a whole slew of other Banks and Airlines created the perfect way to screw the retail businesses out of a substantial portion of their annual profits, and that I will fight to my dying day to prove in a court of law in the biggest Class-Action suit of all time.

    Since I am approaching 78 years of age that may not be too far off, but I've put a lot of energy into defying them, into publicizing what I think, and my ideas will continue to gain followers until they topple these s.o.b.'s into a pit of slime. Is that where they belong or is that too dramatic? I can prove to YOU that they've been taking advantage of businessmen, large and small, to the tune of billions of dollars annually.

    In essence, all these awards are simply discounts, discounts that the retailer is not allowed to give in order to discourage credit card use, but discounts given by the credit card companies using the merchants money in order to encourage credit card use.

    Is that simple enough to understand? It is a scheme, and I compare it to the Mafia's collection and protection rackets in lower New York during and after prohibition. It's a racket, pure and simple.


    What is the second largest currency in the world?

    I'll bet that you cannot answer that one. I'll bet that your accountant cannot answer that either. Call a friend and ask that question?

    Oh, that's right, I've already given you the answer up above, haven't I. Yep, it is actually Air Miles, an out-of-control funny-money scheme that succeeded far beyond anyone's imagination, and is now "screwing" half the civilized world.If you stop a moment and think about it, it adds up to hundreds of billions of miles and, some say, getting closer to a trillion Air Miles.

    Meanwhile the IRS sits on their hands, or perhaps they're scratching their butts, who knows, while the big banks and their would-be Mafioso bosses siphon off their take of these billions in stock options.

    Sure, a lot of people will hate me for saying this, for bringing it up, because they can see tax assessments coming in the mail for under-reported income, and if I am proved correct, big penalties. Then the banks will suffer a drop in income, a huge drop, and that they well deserve.

    But it is their greed that got them there, and the innate greed of the average person who takes advantage of the retailers (at the urging of MBNA, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc.) that put them in this position in the first place.

    If you win a Lottery, you pay taxes on the winnings.
    If you win on a Game Show, you pay taxes.on the winnings.
    If you win in a Casino, you pay taxes on the winnings.
    Then, my friend, when you win a trip through the Air Miles scheme by Citibank and their cohorts, you MUST pay taxes on the winnings. Call the IRS and ask. They've been saying no for a long while, but when they stop and take another look at it, they're going to be horrified at the mistake they made, and it is a big, big mistake, believe me.

    Most people do not report their Air Miles, and some have taken thousands and thousands of dollars in benefits from them for the past ten years. What a mess, eh? Try to comprehend the enormity of it.

    Tuesday, October 21, 2003

    When the IRS issued a ruling that Air Miles was not a taxable benefit, someone in their executive offices must have been smoking grass. People are traveling all over the world, flying to Germany, Thailand, all around the U.S., millions and millions of dollars in free Air Miles and not a cent in taxes paid on them.

    Come on, who is deceiving whom? Who got paid off on this one? Which CEO of Visa, MasterCard, Citicorp, MBNA, or American Express took some Senator or Washington big-wig to Tahiti for a couple of weeks?

    Banks charge every business a percentage on every single sale on a credit or charge card, screwing them over royally. That, of course, is deductible as a business expense. So, billions of dollars are deducted each and every year, and the government loses billions in taxes.

    The banks (through Visa and MasterCard) then give out travel certificates, worth hundreds to thousands of dollars, and (usually) rich people benefit the most, or let's say, the middle-class to upper, and upper-upper-class.

    They pay no taxes on this! None. Zip. That's a tax break, a big one. That's also a lot of bull, a pile of bull. It is income to them, because they don't spend their own money in one way, but OUR money (business owner's money) that went into their pockets, and it is a bribe. It is no different than the old Mafia collection racket. (See: to read more on this.)


    Friday, October 17, 2003

    There are two professors named Bray, one now teaching at USC, and the other one Emeritus USC, and both are defenders of the school system in Cuba, and the "alternative form of government" that appeals to most Cubans.

    Well, I guess I will begin to use the Blogger's term, ASSHATS. Damn, can you imagine, two more apologists for the government of that murderous dictator, Fidel. As with all those wierdos in our Institutions of Higer Learning, they go there again and again, and all they see are lovely happy little kids in school, so nothing else matters.

    They wrote a nice letter to the LATimes and got it duly published. After all, they have the credentials and I have none. That's why my letters never make it in the Times.

    In Santa Barbara county I have had more than 100 letters and articles published, but not in the LAT. I do not kowtow to the Liberal Line by that Liberal rag. I read it though; it is the largest paper in this area. What else can I do?

    I'll write more about these braying asses in tomorrow's Blog, believe me. The Trojans should cancel the contract for that white horse they ride at their football games and find an ass, perhaps two asses, and put these two brayers on them.

    While prayers may be banned in schools now, these two have said their brayers in the LAT though, believe me.

    Tuesday, October 14, 2003


    Paris, how many Americans have dreamed of visiting Paris? At this point I wouldn't go there if they paid me to do so. What kind of a brother nation do we have there, France, a nation that would tolerate tyranny in Iraq where tens of thousands were killed by Saddam's government, and not lift a finger to free them from Hussein but protest the execution of one cop-killer and try to tell us that he did not get a fair trial. What crap artists they are.

    Friday, October 10, 2003


    The City of Paris has made one of America's most notorious murderers an honorary citizen! Yes, Abu-Jamal Mumia has been the first person since Pablo Picasso to be named an honorary citizen of Paris! What tripe.

    Who received the Award for him? None other than that bitch from Hell, Angela Davis. Oh well, when you go back through history, during the French revolution they only chopped off 17,000 heads in a year and a half of the world's most notorious blood-orgy .

    It's not that more people weren't killed in other revolutions, or the killing of millions in the Soviet Untion during their great experiment in Socialism, but come on, chopping off heads in public day after day after day, then holding them up by the hair and exhibiting each and every one to the people gathered around. They even cut out the vagina of one woman and exhibited it in a bar. Now, we have a protest against the death penalty here in the U.S.

    The blood pooled below the guillotine and the dogs drank it, lapping it up each day. The stench would get so bad that they had to dismantle the instument of death and move it every so often, and they'd begin over again.

    Certainly almost 200 years have gone by, but of all cities to be criticizing the U.S. and taking a cop-killer to heart, then awarding the certificate to a woman who was involved in revolutionary groups that also murdered Americans back in the 70s, that's going too far. What's wrong with the City Council of Paris?

    Saturday, October 04, 2003

    No, not watching TV. I'm not one for watching TV all day long, and in fact, it seldom goes on before 9 PM at night, but most often, not before midnight to one a.m., when I am in bed.

    My TV day was taping another half hour show of Howard's Views and I am somewhere around program #48. I talk about various subjects, usually Cuba and that jerk Fidel Castro, the evils of the credit card industry and how they bleed the merchants (retailers) dry with that phony Air Miles campaign, that Kamen scooter called the Segway, which I call the Sledge-weigh, and other tid-bits of information.

    But, since I began trying my hand at TV at age 77, I am not unhappy with what I've done. Which, probably, at that, isn't much.

    I managed to get Milli to hang up on me again tonight. She put me through the 3rd degree for almost an hour and could not understand why I began to lose my patience with her.

    She has trouble understanding that twenty questions doth not a conversation maketh and it is getting to be routine that she hangeth up on me.

    For those of you youngsters out there who think that women change as they get older and life will run smoother, believeth me, it doth not. Think back to when you were 15, and then call her up. Oh dear, I know that some are saying, "and then call him up."

    Every time she asks a question and I answer it, if I in any way explain the answer or add one single remark to it, it will lead to another question, not a remark or a change of subject, but to another question about the same subject. If I reply, "You'll have to ask John (or Jane) that," that is taken as a sarcasm, but hell, I don't know why he or she trims his or her toenails that way, or why he or she did not go to the doctor's three days earlier, or why the doctor prescribed rat poison to the patient. I feel like I am on the witness stand and the prosecutor is trying to find out why I stole the car, knifed the woman, and where I buried the body.