Friday, July 21, 2006


Those who believe that Israel should back off and seek diplomatic help from other nations in order to bring about a cease-fire in the duel of rockets going on between them and the Hezbollah are a bit tetched in the head! They should be sent up to the black-board in front of the class, wearing a dunce cap, and required to write at least 1,000 times some of the rhetoric that came from either Nasralla of Lebanon, or from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.

There were many who read Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and failed to understand that this was his actual plan. The Communist Manifesto was also a plan. Look at what happened! There are EVIL MEN in the world. There are those who have devilish intentions. If you give them half a chance, they will carry them out. If you turn your back on them for an instant, you are a dead duck. Evil people with evil plans bring a lot of misery to others. What do you do when I guy says, "I am going to kill you. Draw." Damn it, when you hear the word kill you draw so that when he tries to say DRAW it comees out as a blood-spitting gurgle! Half the witnesses will swear they clearly heard him say , DRAW and the Sheriff will rule in your favor right there.

These guys who don't agree aren't facing that six-shooter. These New York Liberals aren't there when the rockets are coming in, and those Liberal journalists who may happen to be there have a home to go to in New Jersey, while the Israeli has to wonder what day his house is going to be hit, or his kid's school.

Screw this Liberal thought; make them beg you to cease fire and negotiate, make them crawl. Unfortunately it is the peaceful Lebanese, the other faiths, who also suffer, but every day the Prime Minister of Israel should emphasize to the world, "If the Hezbollah are out to destroy us, our sole intention is to draw first, shoot first, and shoot straight. Remember, we do not hate a single Lebanese citizen. But, the Hezbollah are bringing this upon them all and the Hezbollah are solely to blame." Say it day after day after day, until the world hears it.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Every few days I get an Internet Myth in my emails. Usually it is something that I received six months ago, and before that a year and a half ago.

It never dies. Around and round it goes, and millions of computers receive it, and forward it on, then those who have not seen it before, another click and out it goes to a dozen or more friends, again and again and again.

Yes, well meaning friends keep these myths going, like the Mohammad Assad one, the bus bomber was the same Assad who supposedly flew a plane into the Trade Towers (wrong), Oliver North and Osama (wrong) and the origin of the Military Taps (wrong).

Please folks, just check on the net at before sending these on( On Oliver North, for example, at Snopes, Search "Oliver Twisted" for the truth.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


  • Would we want ANY man or woman in the Oval Office for 48 years? Would we allow it?
  • Would we give any thug the authority to execute hundreds of political opponents at will, without any review or court orders?
  • Would we approve of long prison sentences for those who simply exercise their right of free speech, freedom of the press and freedom to assemble peaceably?
  • Would we allow our government to "own" our children and control every aspect of their lives?
  • Would we allow our government to take control over every job in the country, and discharge those from work who object to government policies?
  • Would we willingly give up title to our homes and businesses to the government so that the government owns everything and the average citizen nothing?
  • Would we allow the government to control our churches?

Now, if you have exceedingly Liberal friends, ask them these questions.

Then, ask them how they can sanction and approve of fidel castro and the Cuban government in Havana? How they can approve of the socialistic-slave society as is imposed upon the citizens of Cuba, and now being imposed upon the citizens of Venezuela? This, without a vote, without their consent!

There isn't any logic to it. It does not make sense. A dictator. A lunatic. An evil doer. A tyrant. A murderer. An executioner. A thief of major proportions. An international criminal in all aspects, by any definition, yet most Liberals, supporters of the largely group of criminals who make up theUnited Nations with its holy proclamations, these Liberals support a man, castro, who has violated just about every law set forth by this group. How, how, how can Liberal justify their support of this thug who took over a country by force and maintains control by force? It makes no sense, but do Liberals ever make sense? Every day in every way they prove the wisdom of Ann Coulter.

Please note that Ann Coulter's latest book has 19 pages of "where" she used other sources, hundreds of references, yet there is a Liberal attempt to discredit her and prove that she plagarizes others. Now, with hundreds of references to source material, does it make any sense to accuse her of plagarism? If they do find uncredited material, would it appear as intentionally dishonest or merely a mistake to you? What would be the trying to honestly give proper credit in hundreds of cases and then deliberately lying in a few others? After all, she isn't working for the NY Times, is she? If they had hired her, one might expect it.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Liberal America is crying. Liberal Americans are really weeping, the teardrops running down their cheeks and dropping off their chins. Why? Well, they're so upset because Cuban children have no milk to drink! There is such a shortage of milk in Cuba that it's rationed. Children up to twelve or thirteen years of age they get a glass of milk a day at school, but even then, it might only be soy milk. Soy? That's a spanish word, as in "Yo soy". I guess that means I milk or some such thing. Anyway, it sounds like the National motto for Havana, doesn't it?
Canadian, English and French Liberals will tell you that the reason Cuban children don't milk is because of the Embargo. Canadian Liberals will often refer to it as a Blockade. American Socialists or Communists, like that most-active California Octogenerian, Luis Segui, will also tell you that it is really a Blockade. There is a commonality between Blockhead and Blockade, be they Americans, French, English, Canadians or Spanish socialists, communists, or even vaguely liberal.

But, I digress. I meant to discuss Cuban cows, a large creatures with a horned head, four legs and usually four teats. No, I'm wrong. Cuban cows in recent years are known to have only three teats, or even just two, depending uipon which side of the island they graze. Since the bloackade is between the Island of Cuba and the United States, the ones on the western side of Cuba are most likely to have only two teats, and Bush is the one they blame for cows that only develop two teats. Two teated cows give less than half as much milk as a four-teated cow, you know, and that is because of the Blockade imposed upon Cuba for more than forty years.

Socialists and Communists have their own version of history, so the fact that Christopher Columbus brought the first cows and a bull to this hemisphere and sent them ashore in Cuba, founding the cattle industry in the New World, an industry that grew and grew until the Cubans were exporting millions of tons of beef to other countries in B.C. (Before Castro). But, that does not mean a thing to them.

The fact that from that day (when Columbus set them ahsore) forth, Cuba had milk, and as the populati0n grew, so did the cattle industry and the beef industry and certainly, the supply of milk for Cuban children. Even poor Cuban children had milk in Cuba in B.C. (Before Castro) Also, all Cuban cows had four teats in those days and the supply of milk was more than adequate so that they could also make butter, and eventually, some of the best ice cream in the world, even mango flavored ice-cream.

Now, you give a man, any man, a cow, and almost automatically you have created a capitalist. Unless he has 18 kids, there will be milk to sell, butter too, cream as well, all from a single animal. Even if that cow is starving, the owner knows enough to put a bucket under the rear end and sell what comes out for fertilizer! He knows that every part of that animal has a use, and if he ends up with only the skull and horns, he'll grind up the horns and sell them to the Chinese as an age-old remedy for a dangling participle, as an aphrodisiac.

So, Communist governments know better than to give a man a cow. That's too dnagerous. They take the cows away from the farmers, from the ranchers, from the diarymen and they hand them all over to some dodo of a communist functionary. Now, that cow or those cows belong to the people. It is a communist cow! Well, true communists do not believe in hard work, that's only for political prisoners. They'd milk the cow, but why bother with four teats? Pull one or two teats for awhile, then quit to go to a committee meeting. By the time the committee has finished talking about milk production, you go back and give the third teat a few pulls and it is time to quit.

There are usually more cows than a true communist wants to milk anyway and the committee decides to butcher them because the people need meat, but the government needs money, so after they butcher them, they export the meat and the people have neither milk nor meat.

Castro, being the government, the money is deposited in his bank account in England or France. Back in Cuba the fourth teat is shrinking on most Cuban cows, and on some cows where the committee meetings are extra long, even the third teat is shrinking in size.

Cows would maintain four teats if they calved regularly, but Havana does not allow that either. Anyone with real balls in Cuba is a threat to Castro, and if they're not executed, they're thrown into jail. So, Castro has a healthy fear of bulls, because of the size of their balls. They get slaughtered quickly, and that's more beef exported to fill his bank accounts.

Darwin now enters the picture. If you don't use it, you'll lose it, as the saying goes. Around1985, Cuban cows began showing up with three teats or even just two teats. It is well known that you don't ever blame communists for mistakes, you find someone else to blame! Soon, these were called Reagan cows, then Bush (Sr.) cows, then Clinton cows, and now Bush cows again.

The Canadian socialists even sent groups of students down to Havana to study the phenomenom, and they wrote papers on it and called them "Blockade Cows". They denied that it had anything to do with Darwin's theories and studies. In some parts of Cuba, the committee meetings are taking up most of the day and some cows are now showing signs of the second teat shrinking up, making it a strong possibility that one day all cows in Cuba may have smaller udders and a single teat. (The prostitutes in Havana, being capitalists, have taken note of this and make certain that clients give equal attention to both and studies indicate that Cuban women show no signs of losing either one of two normal breasts or any reduction in size).

Harvard and Yale also sent students down to examine the two and three teated cows, but when the students began fondling the udders, and developed other strange quirks, and two Senators threatened to withhold government funding, they quickly canceled the courses, and offered instead a study of whether Lesbian mothers could nurse.

Just like the sugar cane industry, the cattle industry had been an udder loss since the Castro forces entered Havana, A cow is a threat to the government and to society, so children continue to suffer trhe consequences of communist policies. Fortunately, Fidel still has Bush to blame. Sen. Kerry should be grateful that he lost, otherwise the plight of Cuban children would fall upon his head. A cow in the field in back of every rural home would soon solve the problem, but those cows would automatically create capitalists and that, no matter what the price Cubans are forced to pay, Castro cannot allow.