Friday, May 12, 2006

Well, I seem to be one that makes friends easily. Not only am I having a great deal of problems with my Website about Cuba and Castro, because of attacks on it, but now one of my Blog sites has been closed as well. I am, really am, such a lovable guy.

Standing Firm has been suspended. Imagine. Suspended. All I did was post a picture of a cockroach in association with fidel's name.

Such is life Another problem left for me to resolve. I cannot keep up with them.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I simply cannot believe that I haven't posted since January 10th. Somewhere in between there should be other Blogs, but perhaps not.
I've been busy, busy every day, to say the least. Following the war in Iraq, doing a weekly TV program, where I get to discuss the issues I wish to talk about...without interruption I must point out. The preparation and taping take up to three days out of every week. I don't get time to work on my three books, which could prove fatal. Why? Hey, we don't know how much time we have left and I'm 81 now. I've also got a few Websites in the works and they, too, take time.

However, I do intend to add more to this Blog each and every week, from three to four times. Let's see how well that works out from now on.

Last week, on my TV program, I did a Power Point talk on this subject. The serious problem began some years back when we did away with the Guest Worker program, the U.S. Congress doing a very stupid thing at that time. I felt that way about it, said it, at the time, and have always believed it. Farm labor was hard to get and the argument that these migrant workers were taking jobs away from U.S. citizens, according to the Unions, was ridiculous.

Welfare did that; it made it unnecessary for those who did not wish to go to work to go out and find work. I saw that happen with my own eyes, watched as it unfolded, and I knew people who took advantage of the government as well as their tax-paying neighbors, by simply refusing to work. That's a mindset, that if the government will give you enough to get by on, why go out and work at all?

Cheat the Government, cheat us all. That's what some people do. When you have families of two or three or four generations on Welfare, something is seriously wrong. No, not with the Government (although their largesse is partly responsible), but with that family and it is time to root it out, to take away the benefits so that they'll get out and go to work.

This crap about employers hiring workers from Mexico in order to pay them little or nothing is a farce. I personally hired illegals because they did the work as I wanted it done, and I paid the prevailing wages. I helped them apply for and gain their citizenship as well. Today a number of them are proud American citizens, and they're not part of this group demanding that we change our laws to suit them. Much of these so-called protests are spawned by an element that only wishes to embarrass the U.S. and to disrupt our social structure.

When you're in someone else's country, you don't DEMAND, you ask, and in the meantime, since you're here illegally, you at least obey the rest of our laws and then study how to become legal aliens, or legal visitors, or citizens. Most of these people do that, but some don't.

Yet, we do need to change some things about the law and and once more gain control of our own country. We need to keep control of the people who wish to come here either to work or earn citizenship in the same manner as other countries do. We are entitled to enforce our own laws, the same as they do in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama. If anyone tried to pull this same type of grandstanding, making ridiculous demands, in Mexico, for example, it would not get them very far! they'd be looking at the business end of a rifle or sub-machine gun, and this will happen in every country all the way down to the tip of South America.

Every foreign country requires that those who enter or visit have a Passport and a Visa. Why should the U.S. be any different? We are an English speaking nation, it is our official language, and it would be good that all foreigners, legal or illegal, learn at least some rudimentary English in order to communicte with the majority and it should not the other way around.

If this country offers them something that they cannot find ijn the country of their birth, then why ask us to change? Do they want us to become similar in nature to the totalitarian dictatorships that rule in Cuba, Venezuela, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and other countries? If their country of birth was better than the U.S., then why in the hell didn't they stay there? That's my position.

Often they'll create an area of their own, similar in cultural habits and full of the same inequities that existed in their homelands, that area always growing in size, and many simply will not mix and mingle, will not change and become part of the U.S. culture. That should be discouraged if we are going to remain a free and democratic society, with the ideals of our founding fathers.

This proposal is also quite stupid, but Liberals in Congress want to put the blame on the employers. This will not resolve a thing, simply make millions of Americans into criminals, because even working single moms use illegals to help out, and working couples hire them as gardners or to clean their homes.

Complete amnesty is not the answer either, because that will encourage more and more peoople to enter the U.S. illegally, demanding further amnesties. The first step to resolving it is a Worker's Identification card in order to gain some control and knowledge of the situation. It is the only way possible; nothing else is feasible. How would we suddenly deport 11 million illegal aliens? The cost alone would prohibitive and the logistics and enforcement impossible. So, simply holding a Passport from their native land would require that they return there to get them, and issuing Visas to those who had employment would make them legal, and Worker's Identity cards would keep them legal.

If we issue them temporary Worker's Identity cards first, to get an insight into where we stand, then require them to get a Passport and Visa within six, nine or twelve months, that would establish and firms up control of the situation. Then double the Border Patrol, if necessary, or add part-time workers to stop the flow of illegals through the border states. We must work hard to get control, full control, then we can sort it out, unless we succuumb to stupid Liberal thinking and crash in the process. We do have some mighty dumb congressional members and they'll do all they can to screw it all up, but we cannot and must not allow them to do it.

Unfortunately for the democrats, most of them seem to be the ass end of their donkey.