Friday, November 18, 2005

Those who are urging us to leave Iraq are putting us in danger of allowing alll the hard and costly work we've done there to come undone, the rebuilding efforts (which are gaining ground) to cease before they are finished, and all the sacrifices in lives and money to go down the tube. This is not only a possibility, but a strong probability, if we do not stay the course and remain until the Iraqi nation is strong enough to stand on its own and resist those who would destroy it. Whether liberal congressmen or liberal moorons, they are working hard, trying to gain strength and support enough to cause us to withdraw our forces, a move that will bring disgrace and dishonor upon our Armed Forces, destroy the morale of the men and women who have fought so hard and sacrificed so much for their country, as well as the Iraqi people. It will certainly bring about a blood-bath in Iraq that may soon spread throughout the mid-east, causing the fall of our other allies there.

Once the United States loses credibility, and there is nothing more certain to cause it than to abandon the Iraqi people, we will have lost the respect of those who would stand with us, and defeat will be staring us in the face from enemies world-wide.

Sure, let the Evil Ones come to power again! They're there, they're everywhere in the mid-east, lurking in the dark, hiding, all the while planning new attacks like those that have been indiscriminately killing and maiming thousands of men, women and children, attempting to enforce some wierd code of conduct that deprives the human spirt of any hope, of any chance at FREEDOM, of self-determination, of the ability to think and act for themselves.

Does anyone think for a moment that they're going to go away by themselves? The only answer is that they have to be killed off, either singly or in groups, because when they're dead they cannot continue the slaughter! The head must be severed from the body, the central organizations of these terrorists destroyed, and until that is done there is no leaving Iraq, both for reasons of our own safety and the very lives and future of the Iraqi people and their country.

If we abandon Iraq and Afghanistan now, this will trumpet to the world that the United States is divided and simply does not have the courage to fight a war, does not have the steadfastness to face the enemy until they are defeated, and this will encourage the forces of evil, the terrorists, to stike here again and again until it is we who hoist the White Flag of Surrender. The Trade Towers will be nothing compared to what will happen in this country if we listen to these strident voices of these harpies of surrender and defeat!

Because of us, the common people had found new hope in Iraq, and slowly they were beginning to accept the fact that there is a chance for them to be a part of the world's democracies, that they can throw off the yoke of tryanny forever and participate in free elections, be free citizens of the world, determine what their own future is going to be. Yet the Liberals here and abroad are beginning to dash that hope; the Liberals don't have the steel in their backbone that it takes to fight and win a war with an enemy that knows no bounds to indeceny, that respects neither life nor property nor any international rules of warfare, and that would enslave every man, woman and child in this country, as well as in the mid-east, in oder to enforce their own agenda upon them or put them to death.

We've freed 26 million Iraqis from tyranny, freed them from the inhumane treatment and terrors of Saddam Hussein and his henchmen, from control by the Baathist party. Most of them lived in constant fear of Saddam's regime, kept their heads down so as to stay under the radar of his relentless secret police and avoid imprisonment, torture and death. They had given up hope of overthrowing the dictator and his party after the revolt had failed in 1991, a revolt that they thought would be sanctioned and aided by the United Nations and bring about government reforms.

His sons could kidnap young women off the street, abuse them for a few days, then throw their broken bodies on the garbage heap, and they did just that! Here, if a single woman vanishes for a day or two, Fox News trumpets about that missing woman day after day, while there in Iraq it was commonplace and no one ever investigated because Saddam's control of the press was assurance that it never would be. Government criminality was worse than any other type in the country, but that's the way Saddam wanted it.

There were more than 300,000 Iraqis killed and buried in the desert for either belonging to the wrong party or dissenting, and now we talk about abandoning those 26 million before the job is done? That's insance. Now we would tuck our tail between our legs and leave them at the mercy of the terrorist brigades, until one group proves strong enough to take power and once again, all hope of Iraqi freedom is dashed, is destroyed, and the brain-numbing tyranny takes control over the country once again. Moorons, who try to destroy our determination, moorons, who would make this country into a knee-jerk nation of wimps and pussycats, who are willing to flee at the slightest sign of opposition, who have not the conscience nor moral fiber to see that the job over there is done and done right.

Iraq is not strong enough yet to resist the terrorists, not strong enough to enforce their new Constitution, to fight the slimy creatures who enter Iraq from Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia in order to destroy this fledging democratic nation, to defeat the ideas that come from abroad, like voting, like equal rights for women, like freedom of the press, like freedom of speech, like simply being FREE.

The little people in all sections of Iraq, just like the families in this country, wish to live in peace. Our Military forces are doing a great job in the mid-east trying to help them, but not according to our Liberal press all around the U.S., staffed by these unrepentent moorons who distort the news we read to advance their own purposes. The Americans are fighting to help government there. The ordinary citizens in Iraq know and understand it, but they did not dare to come forth before, but a new pride for their country is developing and they're stepping forward to learn to take over for themselves. They did not earlier, because any sign of cooperation with the coilition forces could mean death for them and their families. As the nation stabilizes, they show more and more support for our troops, and as it stabilizes they are learning that we are not an occupying force because they see our men risk their lives rebuilding schools and playgrounds and the infrastructure of the country, and treating them with respect.

Did you see the picture of that absolutely gorgeous young woman in Jordan, her arms around her husbands neck, just married, and then...the bomb goes off and kills both their fathers, as well as dozens of others? Did you see it? I'll never forget it. I'll find a copy and publish it, copyright be damned. I could cry for her and her loved ones. I've been to affairs like that, filled with these wonderful people from the Middle-east, not the Terrorists, the criminals, the murderers, but the lovely ordinary family people that reach from one end of the Middle-east to the other, people who just want to live in peace and raise their children to be upright men and women.

Damn it, wake up America! Stand up to tyranny wherever it is, because...if you don't, there is nothing sacred to these clerics but their own iterpretations of a religion that can be vindictive and vicious. Stand firm or the terror will return here as it has done in England, France and Spain, Lebanon and now Jordan. Any sign of weakness will encourage them to think that they are winning. It will give them renewed strength, greater energy, and they will continue to enlist the young fanatics into doing more suicide bombings around the world. Stand firm now, America, or take a chance of losing either your life or your freedom!

Moorons? Yes, those in the United States Congress who will abandon a nation on the threshhold of freedom are nothing less than that, and we will pay the price if they succeed, a great price. The Trade Towers will be child's play. The only compromise that ever works with a terrorist is a bullet right between the eyes. America's soldiers have paid a dear price, but they have given us peace at home, and have almost, almost given the gift of democracy to Iraq and Afhanistan.

We've also freed 39 million people in Afghanistan from the tyranny of the Taliban, from the zealots would would enforce the ancient codes from a thousand years ago upon them, require women to forgoe education and professions, to wear ridiculous clothing, to enclose themselves within the walls of their homes, that would proscribe stonings, lashes for those who would even expose an ankle or a young man who would walk along and speak with a young woman, jailings, beatings, fear of listening to music or other viewpoints, to bring down the democratic institutions that are slowly gaining ground, to undo both the gains they have made and the sacrifices that our nation has made to bring about change and peace to the region.
Kick the criminal bastards out of the U.N., like Castro and Chavez, those pimps of a socialist system which steals from the rich, but not only that, steals from the poor as well, because they sell a hope of something better that never, never comes. We've given hope to millions in Iraq and Afghanistan, now let's not abandon them, as we did those brave souls at the Bay of Pigs. Yes, it was the Bay of Pigs, because the pigs won. America abandoned those Cubans there, and we are paying a heavy price for it, our worst military mistake in 200 years, as Castro takes over the nation rich in oil and exploits it to his own thieving schemes.

Surrender to the ideas of these moorons could lose it for us and Iraq, making all our sacrifices in vain, if we allow them to cause us to waver. Heaven grant my wish that we can ruin their evil plans, that we can sustain the hopes of the Iraqis as well as the American troops who have served there with dignity and honor, and extreme bravery, in the face of all their hardships.

That's the spirit of America that I well remember, the spirit that I cherish, and that sixteen million of us had during WWII.

Read the November 21 issue of the New Yorker and learn what happens, as it describes what is going on in Iran now. One young man sentenced to 99 lashes for walking down the street with a young woman, innocent enough, eh? But not to the Enforcers of the strict Muslim codes. Any person at any time can be arrested for a violation of a law that did not exist an hour ago.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Ho, Ho, Ho!
The way to go.
These poor people have rioted in France. There is a decided lack of press coverage, as would happen in the U.S. Thousands of cars burned? How many? Are the French Insurance companies going to be happy? Wait until the French nation gets their car insurance bills next year to pay for this happy new Muslim holiday, celebrated annually be burning 5,000 cars.
Burn, baby, burn.
Learn, asshole, learn.
When people move to France, it is up to them to learn French and essentially, become French. Of course many Frenchmen do not believe you any outside can ever become French. After all, they're unique. You cannot become French, really French, so the foreigners were doomed from the start. But, if they cannot become French, at least teach them to respect the language and the culture. But now, Chirac is about to give them more, because they're poor. Well, is he going to make them rich? Each time they give in, the demands will go higher and higer.
Happy little Muslims, moving to France.
Never need to work, just sing and dance.
Yes, they're poor, but France has built them homes much better than what they had where they came from, but that's not enough. When you intend to work, you learn the language, find somewhere to get properly schooled, work hard, and get a job and pay your own way. Is that too simple for them to understand?

Thursday, November 10, 2005


What do you think that the price of lassitude, of failing to protect what belongs to you, failing to establish rules and then sticking to them, is going to be for the French? Do you believe that they're right to have adopted such a easy-going, affable, come one/come all, do as you like, attitude towards the Muslim immigrants?

Right now they're allowing these youths (all guided by an unseen Muslim cleric somewhere) to torch homes, businesses and cars, free rein, run and burn, burn to your heart's content. Enjoy the fires. Drive away the firemen with bricks. Whoopee.

I guess they don't read history. Lordy, I can remember all those pictures of Neville Chamberlain flying back and forth between London and Berlin, big smile on his face, a happy-camper, who had just made an agreement with Hitler. Then, Hitler's armies moved east, and then into France, Belguim and Holland. The English (and the French) were lucky that there was a Churchill in wings. DeGaulle had been there all along and he had been right, even to the point of writing the very book the German Army used to invade France, but they had ignored him.

DeGaulle would never have allowed the government to make the agreement with the Muslims which has led to this insurgency, and he would have put it down on the first night, rather than let the government appear weak, helpless and ineffective.

The Muslims have established footholds in many parts of France, veritable fortresses, full of troops ready and willing to venture forth from them and do battle with the French forces. All the time they're driven by a religion that preaches hatred, and glorifies killing, murder, torture, and promises eternal rewards for such actions, so deeply instilled in the young that they'll carry out these raids without a second thought.

Obviously it is also a religion that preaches the importance of home and family, and if the violent parts were ignored, they could live side by side with any other religion without these problems.

Each night of violence turns more of the French people away from Liberal viewpoints. Each night makes them think back to Charles DeGaulle, even way back to Napoleon, looking for a saviour, a Knight in White Armor, yet, who is on the horizon who can do just that? Chirac is just a wimp, a jerk, and he has a compatriot heading the government in Spain. Only time will tell.

But this much is certain: France has been colonized! France will never be the same no matter what the out come. It's not the people they're facing; it is a book that is as indominatable as a block of steel in a one mile cube. When you can get millions of men around the world, down on their knees, bowing, six times a day to honor one principle, you have a serious problem. Just think of Baghdad and what they're willing to do to other Muslims every single day of the week, without a consideration for women and children of their own faith who may be maimed or killed, and you can begin to understand what they French are facing.

This may be the 9/11 wake up call for the French, but as we can see, as here in the United States, three or four years later and they will have lost their resolve. When the Eiffle Tower comes down, if there is no DeGaulle that shows up, France is fini.

Friday, November 04, 2005

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