Sunday, August 28, 2005


That's a quote by an Iraqi citizen, Mohammed, and it is an accurate description as one can ever think of, one that perfectly describes Saddam Hussein in five words, a hyperbolic description.

Mohammed wrote a letter "to Cindy Sheehan", as moving, as honest and as loving a letter to America and Cindy that you will ever read. Iraq is not a hostile country to American troops. It is a country that needed American troops to free it from a tyrannical and murderous psychopath, a man who was dangerous to surrounding countries as can be seen by his attacks upon Iran as well as Kuwait.

It suits the plans of certain clerics, such as al Sadr, to keep things in turmoil. It suits the plans of Osama bin Laden. Our troops are finding that most of the terrorists they capture are foreign to Iraq, and on the bodies of those they slay, they find papers and documents showing that they come from Syria, Iran, Yeman, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. They are not local fighters, not insurgents, but terrorists intent upon tearing apart the fragile fabric of a Democracy in the making. They fear Democracy, because it will loosen the tethers of a militant Islam. They do not want a modern country, as once existed in Iran. They do not want to see women free of the strictures that militant Islam places upon them. They want all Islamic countries to revert to the primative doctrines of one thousand years ago, cutting off limbs for crimes, stoning women they suspect of adultry or fornication, beating those who listen to music, dance, or seem to be enjoying themselves too much.

Take the time to visit Iraqi citizens who have blogsites that discuss these issues, read the words of men and women living in Iraq, and soldiers who are out on patrol every day. Learn the truth of what is going on; do not depend upon the New York Times or the Los Angeles Times, rags that distort the truth, publish and slant stories that mislead and misinform the American public. Depravity, mind you, does not exist solely in the person of tyrants like Saddam Hussein, it also lives in the hearts of newspaper editors who slant the news in order to suit whatever agenda it is that they have in mind, something like Pravda.

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