Saturday, June 04, 2005


How about that? Now, with a little help from Emma, we've added a moving title line and a bit of music. Will wonders ever cease. Let's see what else happens in the next few days. I'm more than curious, as at my age, I find I am way behind the times. I could have learned to fly in the 30s in WWI airplanes, as they were still around at the time.

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Want To see Emma's Blog?

Actually, although I do not know where I'll find the time, I am going to create two new Websites. One will be called: So, check it out.
The other will have to do with Fidel, and the name will be posted here when it is opened. This week I did another TV program on the hemisphere's most evil person, Fidel. There is not a single person who has commited more crimes than this man, stolen the nation's wealth and enslaved more than eleven million Cubans. Cuba is in economic ruins as well as slowly disintegrating all around its citizens.