Monday, May 23, 2005

Whether he lives or whether he dies, Castro is going to fall soon. For too many years the Cubans in the U.S. (and in Cuba as well) have based their hopes on a free Cuba by waiting for the day for him to die of old age. That's not the way it is done. That is not the way to overthrow a tyrant. Casto has proved it is not the way by outliving everyone, well almost, his generation and one or two that came behind him. He's got the Devil on his side, and wishful thinking is not going to overthrow either Castro or the Devil. (Devil is merely EVIL with a D in front of it). You have to be active overthrow either the Devil or Fidel. (Notice, almost Defile by switching his letters). Passivity favors the agressor. Passivity will result in slavery.

There are now some decent Anti-Castro Blogs. They're gaining in readership. They're encouraging a unity among Cuban exiles, and the children of those exiles. Now Cubans seem to be working together more. Agustin Balsquez, film-maker, for example, has worked so many years alone, fought so hard to bring his projects to fruition, then found only apathy. Now he has Allies. He has distributors. He is getting some of his Cuban compatriots to understand what he has been doing and they're going to help market his films.

Certainly there are differences of opinion about the way things should be done, but damn it, first everyone must pull together to bring about the fall of La Grande Cucaracha. Don't be afraid to call him a Cockroach. Don't be afraid to call him a windbag, a verbose bearded old geezer, a nin-compoop. Hollywoodians seem to fall for his six hour after-dinner rants, but they must be a bit addled themselves to do so.

Work together to bring him down, then fight each other all you want, but that's the only way to succeed. The main thing is to present a united front and bring him down! Mario Ramirez has also worked tirelessly, but mostly alone. Val Prieto mixes the sordid Castro story with other interesting tid-bits and wins friends for the cause. Great. Now we have another Blog, Quid Nimus, and a woman (or women)who get out and do things, and along with some wonderful writing, dig into the history of Castro's regime and expose the underbelly of the beast.

Along comes George Utset, - now, with what they've needed all along, a real photo essay. The Lies of the Great Windbag are exposed for what they are, Havana falling apart where Castro rules, the dirty hospitals, the old and the children starving, and then showing what Capitalism has accomplished in the Tourist Zone. Side by side, the Good and the Bad, Good and Evil. Good and the Devil.

The next step is a goal, a time-table for squashping, La Grande Cucaracha. A day to look forward to, a day that he falls (and Raul), and ends up falling into a ditch with six bullets in him, like the thousands he has condemned in the years of his tyrranical rule. Then, a search for his hidden millions.

This past week has been a big step forward. Don't lose the momentum. Keep up the pressure. Begin listing the criminals of his regime and put their pictures on a Website and list their crimes. Criminals hate to be exposed to the limelight, to the world. Congratulations, Cubans. Congratulations to Val, Agustin, George, Mario, Barbara and everyone else, too many to mention, too many whom I do not know, because you're working together and La Grande Cucaracha is going to be trampled under your boots. George's photo of 27 cockroaches should be assigned as the Official Seal of the Castro Regime.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Robert Redford has succeeded in propagating the myth of Che some more, and he has helped his friends Fidel Castro (La Grande Cucaracha) and George Soros at the same time, and to a tremendous extent with his latest movie,The Motorcycle Diaries. I've heard and read such great comments about Che since then, from friends who should know better, even from people who lived under the dictatorships in the USSR, who should know better.

It is appaling that Redford would make such an effort to whitewash his horrible deeds, but I have never put it past the real Liberal Left to ignore atrocities if they're committed in the name of Socialism. Murder is always justified, to the Leftists, if it is done in the name of the people. Once communism takes over, the people have no rights. They belong to the State. They are the property of the State. They are slaves to the State. They have no reason for free will. To make an attempt to leave that State is considered an act of treason, and they can be killed for it. The elimination of those who differ with the goals of communism is part of the master plan

Che admitted to signing the death warrants for over 2,500 men, and to executing others without warrants. He liked, enjoyed, the smell of "blood and gunpowder in his nostrils." How can Hollywood deliberately sanitize the monstrous deeds he committed, but that just seems to be the program of a number of those of Hollywood's elite.

Che was a cold-blooded killer. Redford's gentle treatment of him seems to have been nothing more than a film to aid Castro in his program to keep Cubans in chains, a propaganda film for socialism and communism. What can we do to overcome this insidious and planned effort to bring socialism to our shores?

Monday, May 02, 2005


Yes, it certainly was. My younger son died. At 7:30 Saturday morning he died suddenly, no warning, just said he felt ill, laid down and died. Age 41. How do you cope with something like that? The only answer is, day to day, the best you can and there's no other answer.

What else can you do? As the days go on and he doesn't call, as he did almost every day, it sinks in that he is not going to call again. He was always on his cell phone, perhaps way too much at times, calling his brother, sister, mother, father, and many many friends. But, those calls have now ceased and he is missed, very much missed. Happy-go-lucky type of guy, always a smile (and I'll manage to post a picture of him here soon) who loved people. He loved his friends.