Thursday, February 24, 2005


It has been two weeks since my last Blog, not a way to keep your readers happy, if you have any (left). Well, I rather hope that my readers are more to the right than the left. But then, I welcome them all. There are many people who enter the Blogosphere who seem more intent on taunting the Bloggers than to learn and to comment. Foul, ugly-minded, and even beastly, but then, we can always delete them I guess.

I'm more surprised by the continued use of the word hate, especially be Liberals who avow that those who disagree with them spew hatred, when the fact is that I find more venom in Liberal slanted writings than ever in the more conservative viewpoints. The first time I can remember the term hatred being bandied about was in reference to the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy. All of a sudden, Houston was full of hate! Damn. A nut, completely out of Left Field, shoots the President, and suddenly the Republicans or Conservatives are full of hate, and Texas is full of hate, and in particular, Houston. The assassin turns out to be more Leftist, had visited Cuba recently, and did not have one thing to do with the Republicans or the Conservatives or the Religious Right, but it was just about laid at their doorstep.
Then, Sen. Robert Kennedy is shot down and again come the charge of hate and it turns out to be a young man of the Muslim faith, another nut out of Left Field, but the word continues to crop up and somehow it seems that the country was infused with hate and so...another Kennedy dies as a result.
Jumpin' Jimminy, Sandy, don't you get it? We're responsible because we sow hatred in the land of milk and honey.

Robert Sheer, for example, seems to have more venom and hatred in his columns than any of the Conservative writers, by far more. Then, the Harpy, that shrill old hen and Greek Socialist who long pretended to be a Republican, Arianna Huffington-Puffington, (call her Huff'n Puff for short), spews her hatred in every paragraph. Yes, it seems to come more often and in stronger terms from the Liberal viewpoint, the hate, hate, hate.

The anti-war riots, Liberals, Leftists, CERTAINLY SHOW THEIR HATEhate through word and deed. The pro-Castro crowd, hate. The anti-Bushwhackers, hate. The anti-Rumsfeld group, hate. The PC movement, shows their hatred towards those they perceive to violate the rules they set forth. more hate. Well, I wish I could sum it up tonight, but he hour is getting late. Goodnight all.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Well, our sexual peccadillos keep making the headlines. First we had Kinsey to enlighten us, then fifty years of Playboy to titillate us, and now that we've arrived at a point where children have been thoroughly indoctrinated in all aspects of sex in their school years, come the lawsuits and the jail terms. We've even got female teachers going to jail for having sex with teen-age boys, and if there is one thing I know young boys think about, it is sex about fifty times a day while in class. A well endowed teacher has been mentally undressed and fondled by young men than she would ever think.

So, if you have young pretty teachers instructing young men about sex, with all the visuals they use now-a-days, what in the Hell do you think is going to be on the minds of those boys while all this is happening? I'm not talking about girls; let a woman talk about them.

I know what went on when I was in my teens, and it still goes on today. The intent may be to teach, but it still sends an erotic message to all concerned. Just tell me that some of those boys aren't having different thoughts when a teacher begins explaining the clinical details of a vagina for educational purposes. If one didn't know how to perform sexually before the lesson, now that he knows you're going to tell him he can't? Now, right in close proximity is that pretty little blonde teacher I saw on TV tonight, so where is that kid's mind? Half the guys in the school can tell you where the panty line is on her dress and they practically can name the label. They know when she changes her bra. They're salivating. They've got Playboy hidden under their beds, condums handed out free in school, sex videos easily available, and they're looking for a girl who'll give in to their demands, and somehow this teacher gets caught in the web. Now, let's see, would you rather a 13 year old girl got pregnant or the guy found a prostitute? It's a hard, I'd better say, difficult answer.

Let me see, it's child rape, right? Now, if he has sex with a 13 year old girl, what is it? Or 14, or 15, or 16, or 17? That's okay. But if she is 18 or 21, but he is 13 or 14, it is child rape, right?

Bill Cosby? The jackals and the coyotes are now at his heels. There's a good man who made a mistake. He hasn't lost a point in my book. I don't know what goes on in his personal life and I do not care. I do not expect perfection in everyone, and we all make mistakes. Was I critical of President Clinton? Yes. At that level, there is a difference of expectations. Have I accepted him and forgotten it? Yes.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Ho hum, I've just been on a Blog site where a young woman talks about having a sex party at her house, with close to 50 guests attending. I've heard about them, but never have been to one.

In fact, I've never thought that I needed to go to one. I think that God gave each one of us all the necessities in one package for enjoying a happy and successful sex life. If you need additional equipment, that's like buying a prothesis and adding it to your two good legs, so that you're walking around on three legs.

We were down across the border one day and driving down a desert road when we saw two little kids playing in the dirt, surrounding by growing cactus. I stopped the car and watched. They had about four blocks of wood and were using them as toy cars or trucks. Imagination, what a wonderful thing! Dirty, dusty, but happy. I can't imagine inviting fifty people over to see how easily they can be replaced by a toy.


I am undertaking a major revision of my Website, Howard's Views. It is such a long time since I last did that, and I've got to make it more visible and bring in more readers. Every once in a while I will get an email saing "Thanks" from people interested in the subject matter.
I'll discuss that evil international octopus, Citiban, as well as others.
So, if you have not already seen it, go to:

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

At this stage of the game, eighty years old and still going, I am more and more concerned about what I hear constantly, people castigating President Bush, outloud, emotionally over-charged and there seems to be no end in sight.

If we had Christ, or even God, as President, he could not satisfy most of these American or European Liberals. There is nothing of a positive nature that appeals to them. There is no logic or no success that will cause them to change their views or ameliorate their position.

They never criticize Senator Kerry, for example, who voted for the war against Saddam Hussein, who had access to intelligence reports, and who believed that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Both Democrats and Republicans agreed in the assessment and approved the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

They ignore the fact that Saddam did declare and list such WMDs in his report to the United Nations at the time the sanctions were imposed on Iraq. If Saddam admitted that he had them and he used gas on both Kurds and Iranians, then he obviously did have them. What is so difficult to understand there.

Did we find any after taking over the whole country. Is the President to be faulted because one of the reasons we went to war was due to our belief they were there? No, he, his advisors, and members of Congress, all, were in agreement with him.

He had to make a tough decision and he made it. He is supposed to protect us and one way to deter the enemy, who were all mid-easterners, is to take the fight to them. They had already done their Pearl Harbor to the Trade Towers.

They had already done it before, in Lebanon, where scores of Marines died in a Terrorist Suicide-bombers attack, and we had not responded. They struck our American Embassies on several ocassions. They almost sank the Destroyer Cole. They were at war with us, but we had yet to fight back. The facts are all there to be read, and if you read them and do not understand, then I wonder what kind of material in stuffed in your cranium. With all those previous agressions against us, we either had to respond or the severity of them would increase, as they grew bolder.

Why didn't we find them? They could easily have sent them to Syria, where they are most likely to be withheld from America. If that is their reason for hating Bush, then they're absolutely nuts.

More than 1,400 of our young men and women have died in Iraq, but we've made a lot of headway there and I am proud of what our people have done. Yet, to leave now would be a major mistake, even potenially a catastrophe. There are militias in and around Baghdad that would immediately turn the country on its' ear, and we'd have another tyrant and a new danger, especially if they got those WMDs back from Syria.

We have to trust the military to get the job done, and when they think that we can safely withdraw our forces, they will let us know. Before they leave, they must destroy that Jordanian cleric and his srmy, because he still has enough strength to overthrow any provisional government, if we're not there.