Thursday, August 26, 2004

Well, that old line company, with a name that once stood for the very best that America had to offer, Abercrombie & Fitch, has hit the news again with thongs for girls six or seven years of age, implanting sex on young minds. The thongs also have patches with sexual innuendos affixed. Childhood and innocense, lost, never to return. Just a couple of years ago they had to recall a catalog because people complained that they contained child porn. Quite a rep they're getting.

Here's my take on it, in verse.
by Heironymous S. Anon-Y-Mous

I went to my favorite store, Abercrombie and Fitch,
To buy a colorful thong for my seven year old bitch.
There's no sense in waiting longer, until she turns eleven,
When she can be provocative at the age of seven!
If you're not quick enough, there, in order to help you think,
Boldly emblazoned on the front is a nifty "Wink, wink."
She's so delightful, one patch says she is real "Eye Candy,"
To spark minds with diviate thoughts, the thongs sure are dandy,
Once A and F stores were the very epitome of class,
Now they're helping me display my seven-year-old's ass.
Ask yourself, why are there so many lechers all around?
It's partly because such thoughtful designers abound.
My eternal thanks to the firm, Abercrombie & Fitch,
The classical outfitters of my seven year old bitch.

copyright 8-26-004

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I'll still continue to write these poems. Why?
Because screwing the public with an unstable program
just is not right.
Dell also did not install the program my computer was
designed for, changed it, put a different one inside,
one that they must have know was full, full of flaws.
It's commonly called "getting the shaft" from Dell.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Michael and Bill, I'm going to install XP,
And uninstall lousey stinking Windows ME.
I'll bootleg it from a friend who has it on disc
And get rid of an unstable platform like this.
I've been cheated, bamboozled, and screwed to the wall,
But my complaints have long been ignored by you all.
Honorable? not either Microsoft or Dell,
So Michael and Bill, you can just go straight to Hell!
You screwed the public with shaky Windows ME,
That should have been exchanged for Windows XP - free.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Well, there are ten poems now, about Dell, Microsoft, Michael and Bill. I'll have to Bookmark them all, I guess. I'm going
to put them out in a little booklet as well...
and dedicate it to Bill Gates and Michael Dell
A twisted story that I feel I have to tell,
The sad story about my computer from Hell!

Saturday, August 21, 2004


When you see that message, LEXPLORE WILL NOW CLOSE.
Don't sit there, speechless, just picking your nose.
Get it out of your system, swear a bit,
Now you know that Dell doesn't give a s***!
There's only one remedy left to you,
Just do what I'm a'telling you to do.
Yes, it's time that we gathered to rebel.
Sit down and write letters to Michael Dell!
It’s not the computer, it’s what’s inside,
You'd think that Dell execs would have some pride,
'Cause their computer's unstable as can be...
A lame-brained decision: "Install ME!"
No matter the patches, it’ll never be right,
So join in with us, let’s stand up and fight.
Fair warning to you, my friend, Michael Dell,
We’re ready, we’re going to ring your bell!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Ode to Michael Dell V

Dear Michael Dell, I'm here to greet you once again,
Just give me a minute so that I can explain,
I've had a bottle of ale with delicious food,
And once again I'm in a Shakesperian mood,
The reason I am writing so often to you,
I'm most unhappy with Dell, here's my point of view.
Michael, it's time to "recall" this damnable thing,
Dell's sperm's responsible for this ugly offspring!
Installing Windows ME was a major error
That made Dell's Dimension just a holy terror.

All this happened between nine p.m. and one a.m. one evening some months ago:
I kept getting (six times or so) a huge empty white box, covering about 1/3 of the screen, and at the bottom center was one word CLOSE, and I could not do a thing but click on Close. No other message in it, no explanation.

I could restart,work awhile, then this box came up again. Nothing more. One option click close again and restart. No reason, nothing.

Then, over and over again a small box popped upAd Shield. Error 0x8008005. I could not do a thing as it shut down everything else. I shut down the Pop Up thing three times, unchecking it each time, and when next I would open it up - I'd find it checked again!

Then, when it would start up, all programs closed, a box with: There is not enough memory to close run this program appeared. I did not have a single program open at the time, but was trying to open Works. I had plenty of available memory, that's certain.

Then Works shut down completely: The Works Task Launcher cannot access the task you selected. Files needed to start the program may be missing, corrupted, or may have been deleted. To restore or replace files, reinstall the program, and then try starting program again.

Going back to Outlook Express later I got: Outlook Express. The Application was unable to create the spooler object. Memory full. 0c8007000E

It took me three times to get it up and running again. I finally finished my work and shut down properly.

This morning the first thing that came up was The last time it went on hibernation, it stopped responding. Would you like to shut off the hibernation. Yes. No. The thing seems to have a mind of its own. Altogether, trying to get through these problems, I lost more than an hour's working time.

Vas ist los? At this point I hate this damn Dell computer (more. It stinks.

Why does a large white blank box appear with a single word Close and that's all? My anti-Virus program detected and healed 3 viruses on the 20th. Virus checks now show clear.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Dear Michael:
The most valuable thing I have in this world is TIME. Yet, Dell Corp. and MicroSoft have conspired to steal my TIME from me. Both Dell and Microsoft had early indications that Windows ME had some serious problems, and when a program such as this operating system malfunctions, it is a time-comsuming problem for experienced operators, but a huge and often costly problem for less knowledgeable computer owners. In other words, WE got the royal shaft and there is no way of rectifying it, because Billionaires have a strong greedy streak and don't want to give a dime back, or spend a little to correct their mistakes.

It was like a train-wreck about to happen because of defective equipment. Technically, Windows ME was not up to par, and arguably, both Michael and Bill Gates MUST have known that users would suffer through many problems. It was like selling a car that had potential defects and a dash-board with too much technical information that most drivers would find confusing, too difficult to understand, and as a result, they'd have more than the normal amount of accidents.

Lawyers would make fortunes from such problems. Millions? No, billions. Yet, shipped all over the world were millions of copies of Windows ME, a system that many (millions?) will state emphatically is unstable and offers sub-par performance. But, both Gates and Dell are insulated from those like me who would like to bring this to their attention. The new Corporate Goons are men in casual dress, thin wirey men who talk in circles and fight off complaints or attacks with words instead of swords or martial arts. Billionaires don't care that they've screwed the little people; they're safe in their modernistic earth-quake proof castles.


I’m sorry that you seem to feel,
That I had time that you could steal.
I’m sorry, but down deep inside,
I feel I’ve been taken for a ride.

For when you steal my time from me,
You are not dealing honestly,
The product that should work so well,
Is El Crappo, and made by Dell.

Now, why should I blame Michael Dell,
For this damn Computer from Hell.
They have a saying, Michael dear,
For CEOs, The Buck Stops Here!

For when a man sends out his name,
He shouldn’t play that age-old game.
For in that name one puts his trust,
Then finds it’s little more than dust.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

When someone sells something that is "an inferior product", I believe that they are cheating the public. This is how I feel about the MicroSoft program, Windows ME. Now, I am by no means an Expert, far from it, but I have yet to hear anyone say anything positive about Windows ME. People who are very knowledgable about computers express that belief, strongly.

It is my opinion, and that of millions of others (okay, challenge that figure, if you will, claim it is only hundreds of thousands, or tens of thousands) that Dell and any other company that installed Windows ME in their computers made a huge mistake, and that they should have put out a recall, similar to that done in other industries, like the automobile industry.

Yes, I am months late in saying this, perhaps, but a lot of people are still struggling with this damnable program, a much inferior product to other MicroSoft programs, and feel they have been screwed royally by Dell, other computer companies who have installed it, and that that multi-billion dollar company in Seattle could have afforded to replace that troublesome crappy program without even having to swallow hard. Bill Gates is worth fifty billion or so, Michael Gates is worth fifteen billion or so, and with that much money, the question is, would they lack the integrity to own up to a mistake? Should it or should it not have been replaced?

Locally many users tell me that they have gone back to Windows 98, or bought Windows XP. I've been offered bootleg copies of XP. Should I cheat? Hell, if I'm firmly convinced that Microsoft has screwed me, why shouldn't I take the easy way out and cheat them? If Michael Dell sends me a computer designed for other Windows' programs (clearly stated on the front of the computer) and installs crap in it, ME in it, then what do I owe him? I'll bet he talks about business ethics too, as if he invented the subject! As a businessman with more than fifty years experience, I say that both these companies have screwed their clients royally! That's my opinion and I'll stick to it.

These companies know that many people who buy computers are not experienced enough to cope with an unstable program, a program that requires too many updates, a program that proves too difficult for them to understand or to use because of its defects. Senior citizens, for example, put out their money trusting in the name Microsoft, and Dell. Windows ME fails to deliver, costs them time and money, exasperation, and a loss of confidence.

This is why new laws are introduced, why government gets involved in what should be private business matters, why U.S. Attorneys prosecute millionaire businessmen, because they don't do the right thing. Why should millions of ME clients struggle to keep it running right, spend millions upon millions with local gurus getting it up and running again, try to figure out what cannot be figured out, because the program was unstable to begin with and no matter how many patches are added, is still going to be unstable and cause problems over and over again? Michael Dell, billionaire, in my eyes you're no better than the guys I used to see on the waterfront in N.Y. with watches pinned inside their coats, nor is Bill Gates. Yes, I can spend and buy XP, or go back to Windows 98, but I got ME thinking that I had a good workable product and I did not. Billionaires? Hey, a Billionaire can afford to be honest and ethical. Hey, I'd much rather go back to the 1940's and buy from that guy on the waterfront now! Compared to being stuck with Windows ME, that character was selling Rolex's.
That's Howard's View.
Okay, copy this and send it to whom you wish. You have my permission.
PS If you don't think there is any reason for a billion dollar company to cheat the little guys, check Citicorp and the huge fines, hundreds of millions, they've paid in the last couple of years for "cheating" their smaller clients!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

As you can plainly see, I've inserted a counter. But, how in the Hell can I move it from the right side of the page, to the left? It's in the wrong place. No matter what I try to do on this site, the language is confusing, almost as if I did not understand the English language. I've searched all over for the code that will do it for me, but cannot find it. I'll have to read it from there, I guess. Well, that's one thing I cannot blame on Dell, eh? Of course, Lexplore has caused an error time and again in the interim, but I don't seem to get around that one.
This is a problem I can't blame on ME,
But only because the fault lies with me.
It has nothing to do with Michael Dell,
Nor with my disastrous Computer from Hell.
Just chalk it up to my stupidity,
This time its not charged to Windows ME.

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