Friday, April 23, 2004

That's the delimna that our troops are facing right now in Iraq. They all have to harden themselves and become killing machines, because this is a different type of enemy. They take pleasure in death, either killing you or being killed. It is instilled in them at an early age. You have no choice. They do not believe that we are human and deserve to live because we do not bow down six times a day to Allah. It's as simple as that.
In WWII, the Japanese had a similar belief and often staged suicidal attacks, shouting "Banzai" as they charged into rifle and machine gun fire. It isn't nice to contemplate, because they're human beings too, sons and husbands, and they gave our men no choice but to kill. They had to wipe them out or take a chance on being killed themselves.
Kids are urged to fight our troops in Iraq, and again, there is little choice. Imagine, they're urged to kill by their clerics, not warlords, but the Mullahs. It is a religious enemy the men and women are fighting in Falluja.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Some people believe that there is natural goodness in all men. Well, our troops are finding out that there are many people who simply do not have any of that natural goodness, that they can be friendly one day and your worst enemy the following day.

They grow up that way. That's what is natural to them. They are brought up with a different set of values than we are, and if you let down your guard for one second, they'll stick a knife in you. That is a lesson they're learning in Iraq.

Stick with them. Give them every bit of support you can, as they're facing tough odds and they need to know that we stand firmly behind them.

What is it the kids learn in school today? Is it called History, but really something far different. How can we prepare them for the future if everything has to be Politically Correct?

They read some watered down date book filled with drivel, something that is supposedly Politically Correct while trying to teach history and yet not offend a single soul, not even an animal. Sheeeessshh.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

I'm peed off. Or should I say, "I'm pissed off." We keep taking abuse. Yep, it is heaped upon us in and for Iraq, worldwide.

Well, let's find a few friendlies who will administer justice to these guys with guns according to the Koran. When they throw up a white flag and surrender, herd them down to the local football field (where they are now burying their dead), tie a rope around the right wrist, stretch the arm out, and cut off the right hand with one of their swords. Well, let's let their fellow Iraqis do it, the ones who hate each other enough to do such things. It is a standard treatment in Saudi Arabia for thieves, you know.

Hey, after fifty to one hundred of them lose a hand, they'll be extremely careful about whom they take a shot at. I'll tell you this, it won't be an American Marine. They'll also have a big problem, they'll have to eat with the same hand they use to wipe their fannies with, and I understand that that is not a pleasant thought to them at all. If they're even seen with any guy with a gun again, they lose the other hand. That'll pose a different problem, won't it? How in the hell do you hold the toilet paper? Or the corn cob, depending upon the level of sophistication in the area they live in.

Then, I was looking at a picture of row upon row of Muslims on their little prayer rugs in a large Mosque, bowing down, one man's head practically in the guy's butt in front of him. I thought, "How about changing their diets from rice to beans, and within a few days no one would want to be a Muslim any longer, nor answering the call to prayer six times a day. Why, when they'd open the doors of the Mosque after a prayer session, they'd find them all sprawled out on the floor, in various stages of asphyxiation, and then they'd blame the latest Holocaust upon the U.S., claiming we'd turned the Mosques into gas chambers.

Friday, April 02, 2004

The scene after the four Americans were killed in Iraq yesterday, with the mutilated corpses hung from the bridge and the other unspeakable acts, such as dragging one corpse behind a car, must have opened up a lot of eyes. It will also bring out more cries from certain sectors for us to abandon the job we have been doing so well over there, because some will read it as "all Iraqis hate us".

They don't. Look for Jeff Jacoby's April lst story for a real eye-opener. The truth is that most Iraqis are happy with the way we deposed Saddam, they trust the U.S. Yet, there are many Iraqis who are illiterate and they live by emotion, not reason. That's the type of crowd you saw on TV after the killing of the 4 Americans. The illiterates arew really too dumb, many of them, to understand what is going on, so they take their hatred out on Americans and British people. If we pull out now, before the job is finished, some other dictator will take over and it will be another potential Hussein in power.

If even 1% of the population thinks like that, that's 200,000 enemies in the country. Be logical. We cannot win them all over. We cannot leave until the government is strong enough to withstand assault from people like that. There are those who would take Iraq back to the Stone Age if they had their way. We cannot bail out and betray those 600 who have already given their lives for one purpose, to leave Iraq a better place when they come home again. It was a gruesome sight, but illiterate mobs behave that way and those Americans who died were just as brave as any soldier simply be being there.