Thursday, February 26, 2004

The greatest political assassin in the country today is Garry Trudeau, the creator of Doonesbury, but instead of being classified as an Editorial Cartoonist, he is placed on the Comic Pages. In fact, the L.A.Times comic pages have become almost totally politicized, definitly Liberal in Slant, as just about everything else about the Times has been Liberalized. If it is not Liberal in content, they'll fill the spot with something that doesn't say much about anything, except as a space filler.

Trudeau has been given carte blanche to set the tone for the Comic Pages, and to use his particular brand of satire to consistently question the intelligence of elected officials, to pander to the youngsters especially, to undermine what they might be taught at home, both in personal values as well as political viewpoints.

The Editorial Staff members who select the cartoonists for the Times obviously search long and hard to find those who have just the right? no, left slant to go along with their drawings. None is more indicative of the position of the Times editors than Garry Trudeau.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The uniforms of American soldiers, sailors and marines are honorable uniforms with long and illustrious histories behind them. They have been worn by millions of American men and women, and many of them have sacrificed their lives to uphold the honor of our nation and of those uniforms.

Heroes have worn those uniforms for more than two centuries. Heroes are men who serve their country in whatever capacity they are asked to serve, whether it be sitting at a desk and guiding the supplies and ammunition so that they get to where they are needed on time, whether they face mortar fire in the front line of combat, whether they fly into a sky filled with flak to attack enemy gun positions, or simply carry supplies across the sea and so that they reach the battle-front.

Heroes do not return home, dirty up their uniforms, speak ill of their comrades, sully the reputations of those who served honorably, then dishonor the medals earned and worn by millions who served in years past, all in the name of protest. Heroes, as far as I am concerned, do not act in concert with traitors who have stood on enemy soil and cursed their own countrymen. There are some actions that simply go too far in the name of protest. A hero makes a distinction between that which will bring harm to those with whom he served, or dishonor upon them. A hero knows the difference, or if he does not, then at least he should know.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Yes, give me a Cowboy in a white hat, today, tomorrow, or any day. Give me a man of principle, one from out of the old west, self-reliant, one who takes on a job and sees it through, one who stands up to the bad guys and takes them on and out, one who goes against the odds and still beats them, one who picks the prettiest girl out of the crowd and wins her.

He may not be the world's greatest orator, but when he says something, it's sure to be straightforward and it "ain't" difficult to get the meaning. Yep, he may remind us of Gene Autry, Tom Mix, Randy Scott, John Wayne, Buck Jones, Hop'along Cassidy and Joel McCrea all rolled ijnto one, but that's okay. You get the idea. They were our heroes, and they stood for what was right and what was good. That's the way we'd like to think of our country. The guys who sell everything out in Ohio, load up the covered wagon, put the family aboard, hitch up two oxen, and head out west. Nothing ahead but the wild and wooly west, but somehow, we'll make it through. Yeah, even Alan Ladd wore that white hat and gave us a lot of inspiration.

Some of those eastern Liberals, or Berkeley Free Speechers might try to make it seem as if there's something wrong with a guy that moves ahead and leads. They hate a cowboy who can go to their most exacting school and graduate! They're going to pull out the bricks from the Yale quadrangle and the old Harvard ivy-covered buildings because a Texas cowboy got his education there. They want us to believe that a fighting spirit was lost 100 years ago in America, and that we're losers. They want us to suck the goverment teats for our sustenance. They want us to believe in a Ted Kennedy, who leaves a young woman behind in a car overturned in a river, drowning, or a navy officer who dirties his uniform and throws away his medals and belittles the bravery and sacrifices of his comrades.

They hate the Cowboy in the White hat; it drives them nuts to see one succeed, like Ronald Reagan succeeded, they hate one with morals. They hate one who follows the path, taking the right road rather than the wrong one. But one thing we all know, that we can depend upon those men in the white hats, the old Texas Rangers, to be there when it counts, to stand with us, to go to the forefront and lead, and not to shirk their duty when they have to face up to it. They want us to believe that the defence of liberty and freedom is wrong, that government has all the answers and the individual has none. They want us to surrender our freedoms for a mess of pottage. They want us to just give give up what our forefathers fought and won for us, to simply fade into a world community that has no real direction, that has no sense of ideals, that has no unity of purpose, that has nothing to offer us but a paucity of ideas and a scarcity of ideals. They want us to join in a column that follows behind such leaders as: Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Chou en Lai.

Me? I'll take the Cowboy in the White Hat any day. I know that he'll carry the Red, White and Blue in his heart and soul, that he'll risk his life to do what is right and to defend justice, that he'll stand by those who need his help, and that he'll tip that white hat to a lady but he will never take it off to any other man in subservience, except for a few minutes when it comes time to face his enemy and fight. When the fight's over, he'll put it back on and go home. That's the Cowboy in the White Hat, the man we'll respect as a leader and the one we'll all follow into battle when it becomes necessary.

Yep, I'll take the Cowboy in the White Hat any day, my friend, any day!

by Howard E. Morseburg 3/18/04

Monday, February 16, 2004

Communism is like having cockroaches in your cupboard.

Communism is not another political party, like the Libertarians, Democrats or Republicans. Communism is an infestation. As I said, communism is like having cockroaches in your cupboard, in the flour, in the bagged goods, finding them in your baked cakes, in your bread, even dead ones in your morning's dish of cereal.

It's cockroach fecal matter under your clean dishes in the closet.

We've got them in our schools, and our colleges. The trouble is that they're difficult to eradicate. They have an agenda, and our society is an open society and doesn't realize or refuses to recognize the danger. Cuba had that problem without realizing it; La Maxima Cucaracha, Fidel Castro, came in claiming to be Jesus Christ, the Savior and turned out to the Satan in disguise. Venezuela has that problem, but we are seemingly unaware of it. (They seem to be too, although many Venezuelans are now alarmed about it, but still not ready to combat it). The problem is that Communists (or Socialists) are clever; they keep alarming us about other things, like magicians, diverting our attention while they work their witchcraft behind our backs.

For example, who ever expected one of America's most vocal communists, most critical adversaries of our political system during the mid-thirties into the forties, to appear on a U.S. Postage stamp? Paul Robeson on a stamp? Why, because he could sing? Certainly he had a magnificant voice; I heard him sing on the radio often. But on a stamp? Bull. Those with an agenda in Washington, a definite agenda that runs contrary to what the Founding Fathers believed in, wanted him there, to show that they had the power to do it. While Stalin was imprisoning millions and executing tens of thousands, he stood firm in the Communist ranks, right there in Moscow with the hardcore commies.

That's like putting a picture of Ho Chi Minh or Che Guevara on an official U.S. postage stamp! Damn. Las cucarachitas, right? Who influenced the Postal Commission in this direction? Who are the people on our Postal Commission? Who was behind this move to honor a man who believed in a foreign ideology, one that taught the principles of revolution, the violent overthrow of the U.S. Government? Las cucarachitas again, right? Look around you. Look behind the pipes, in the dark damp recesses of the cabinets under the sink; that's where you'll find Las Cucarachitas. Look in your anti-war groups, where-ever there's a sign of violence.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Every citizen needs to be controlled by the Government.
There are only two things that are of importance to each citizen:
First: Cradle to Grave health care.
Second: Free schooling at government expense.

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Friday, February 13, 2004

That's right, Liberals, God love 'em (for I cannot), love murderers. After all, isn't the unjust murder of a dissident murder? Haven't Liberals called for the trial of Gen. Pinochet, of Chile, for atrocities committed during his years in power? But, have you noticed how worshipful they are of the tyrannical murderous dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, and how they never, never, never bring up the fact that thousands of dissident are in Cuban prisons, and an estimated 17,000 other executed? Do they ever say that that might be a no-no? Ever? Ever???

How in the hell can they overlook such atrocities? How can they condone a 45 year dictatorship? How can they say anything nice about him, when he has forced more than 2 million people to flee the country and stolen the earnings of 11 million Cubans, paying them next to starvation wages?

Hey, remember, Socialists can pay starvation wages, but they set standards for how much Capitalists must pay workers. They accuse Capitalists of ignoring the plight of the poor workers, but in Socialist countries, all workers are poor and that is acceptable. The Communist leaders take the same benefits for themselves as Capitalist CEOs, but this is not wrong in their eyes. They live in luxury, while the poor starve to death, all in the name of Socialism.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

If you or any of your friends have carried a Shell or Unocal card in your wallet, as you must know by now.them days is over, friend, them days is over! You're now getting sand-bagged by Citibank (and parent company Citicorp). You've been sold down the river by the CEOs of both Shell Oil Co., and UNOCAL. You are now in the hands of one of the master predators in the credit card business, but then, I claim that they're all predators and that the credit card business is based upon largely half-truths and deceit. Your gas credit cards, such as those from UNOCAL and Shell Oil were true credit cards and gave you privileges, and their companies did not crush you with harsh penalties as Visa and MasterCard franchised banks do.

I had a Shell Oil card from 1961, and one from UNOCAL from 1957. I used to drive 30 thousand to 40 thousand miles a year and always looked for a Shell sign, or a UNOCAL sign when on the road. I was a loyal customer, but Shell and UNOCAL were not loyal to me. They sold me down the river, just as they did all their other customers. (I'll post the names of their CEOs on my Website next.)

Congress needs to do some investigating. Congress must dig into these financial deals between the oil companies and Citibank (and other banks). Congress must investigate their collection activities. Congress must look at the overall plan, how they tricked the business community, how they are defrauding them of their profits, how they are milking America's retailers (as well as those who accept their cards world-wide).

By selling out to Citibank, Shell Oil and UNOCAL have become the latest participants in this scheme to chain or enslave both the seller and the buyer, the supplier and the consumer, to tax every dollar that they earn. It is devious. It is Machevellian. It is dastardly. Once you study it, you'll begin to see the way it works. It begins with the bribe, Air Miles. Read about it on my Web pages, and you'll be shocked.

Read how my balance went from $129 to $221 with Citibank, who now claims to own my account, without my making a single purchase. That's from $129 to $221 without making a purchase!

Monday, February 09, 2004

I've added more to it.

They're at it again. Out in North Hollywood they're holding an anti-war rally, and they're using the same old stupidity, that we're "in it for the oil."

26 Million Afghans were set free from the oppressive Taliban regime. More than 3 million Afghan refugees returned home from Pakistan, home where they belonged, and they are no longer homeless and hopeless, living in tents high in the mountains, kids freezing and dying of disease, lack of food and medicine, at the mercy of both the elements and their own religios zealots.

23 Million Iraqis were set free from the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein. Millions of Iraqis did not flee the country, because they trusted the Americans; the refugee camps on the border of Iraq were never needed. They want their freedom and they're happy that Saddam has been removed from power.

Doesn't this make any sense to these jokers? Don't they see and understand that the wisdom of our move into the Middle-east has had a stabilizing influence upon the area? Were it not for the remnants of the Taliban and the Saddam loyalists, plus some Muslim clerics who do not want to see the area stabilized, we could easily get them to form a central government and move towards Democracy.

So, in two countries 50 Million men, women and children are now free who were living under tyrannical regimes, who had no individual rights or freedoms. Yet, it required some sacrifices on our part, sad but true. Yes, we had losses, sad but true. But both countries are now better off without some lousy dictator controlling every aspect of their lives. Those who disagreed were tortured and/or killed. Women, for example, who supposedly violated some religious law, would be buried up to their necks and then stoned by family, friends and neighbors, until they were dead. What an amazing act of cruelty! What kind of religion keeps people living in the Stone Age, with the acceptance of barbaritic acts of this nature inculcated into children at an early age, and continuing throughout their lives?

Our main accomplishment though was that Osama has lost his main base of operations and this has certainly thwarted his ability to launch other attacks again us and our citizens.

Don't they teach a thing about Patriotism in College today? I guess not. How can they when so much of the staff at many colleges is overloaded with Leftists, Communists, and those who condemn America for just about everything she has done throughout her short history? They do everything they can to thwart the hiring of those who do not agree with their thinking, thinking that is subversive in nature to say the very least.

There is no doubt that we've saved tens of thousands of lives just through our accomplishments so far! Screw these Protestors. If they'd spent a year or two in Siberia, or a Taliban prison, they'd have different opinions, or if their wife or daughter had been raped and killed by one of Saddam's sons, or they had suffered torture by Saddam's sadists, they'd think a lot differently today. Believe me, they would.

Are we the Savior's of the World? I wish I could answer that question, but I cannot. I can say, however, that things that happen in countries half way around the world can have a devastating effect upon our own country. Look what the destruction of the Trade Towers has done? The losses are incalculable. They were financially much more costly than those at Pearl Harbor, believe me. Keeping Osama on the run until he can be killed is important to us, no matter who is at the helm when this country enters the year 2005.

For 45 years I have followed the situation in Cuba. I personally felt from the very beginning that Fidel Castro was both a liar and a communist (which he denied). All the signs were there. I published the first anti-Castro poster, anywhere, I am certain. I argued with the President of one of the chapters of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, while he denied vehemently that Castro was a Leftist.

I'm sure that Cubans here in the U.S., and the children of Cubans, are always wary of outsiders, and even fellow Cubans, that they may be spies for Fidel. After all, the highest official in the U.S. Government dealing with the Castro situation was finally unmasked as a spy for Havana, an undercover spy for many years. Now, wasn't that something? Damn. I'm outspoken. I've talked to too many people who fled the European communist countries, and I, myself, was in the USSR during WWII, and experienced and learned about some of the effects of living under a totalitarian system.

Therefore, I have a bit of a working knowledge of the communist system, and from my reading over the years, more of an understanding (and dislike) of it than 99% of the people in the U.S. I've spoken with people who have been in communist prisons, who suffered in the Gulag, who attempted to flee their native countries and were caught and spent time in jail, and so, I believe that I have a bit better understanding than most, other than those who lived through it and succeeded in escaping.

I'd hate to see Fidel Castro die a normal death. I think that he deserves to be tried by a fully democratic Cuban government, free of communism, and sentenced to the firing squad. He has committed enough crimes against his own people that nothing less would satisfy them, I am sure.

No one else writes such things. Why? Because there is always the suspicion that some Cuban agent could exact retribution. If there is anything Castro and Communism fears, it is a free press. However, if enough Cubans, or Americans, of every persuasion, called for his execution, no one would have a thing to fear. There are thousands of Cubans here in the U.S. who can write and demand his removal and execution. There are millions of anti-Communists in this country, veterans of our military, who can also make such statements, and they should be doing so. They should be swaying world opinion! They should demand changes in the attitude of the United Nations, demand that we withdraw our membership unless there is a condemnation by the U.N. of this illegal, corrupt, vicious and tyrannical regime.

We're free to condemn it. We're free to demand it. We're free to write about it, talk about it, make speeches against it, send letters and Faxes and emails demanding an end to it. We're free to make our voices heard. Is he a President? Hell, no! Is he a Prime Minister? Hell, no! Has he been elected to office? Hell, no! Is he a murderous tyrant? Hell, yes! Then, to my way of thinking, everything written by any Cuban about the situation in Cuba should include a demand that this cockroach be tossed out.

You talk about him with respect, if you want. Me? I say he is La Maxima Cucaracha. Now, if my Spanish is incorrect, then let me know. I'll rephrase it in the best Spanish possible, but it will still mean The Great Cockroach!

:American farmers are usually very practical. At one time they were the heart and soul of America. They've always provided the stalwart young men and women who make up the backbone of America's Armed Forces. They grow up independent minded, and task oriented.

Of course, the small family owned farms are a vanishing breed. In their place we now have large corporate farms and they are profit driven and teach few, if any, lessons to our young people. They don't pray at breakfast, and those that actually do prey, devour the small independent farmers for breakfast and then each other for dinner.

But this idea of supplying Fidel with grain is just about as zany an idea as any to have ever come out of rural America. They should look at his Credit Report, like the bankers look at yours when you decide to buy a home. They should examine the manner in which he treats his International obligations, the cavalier attitude he has towards capitalist societies. They should take note of the billions he owes to other suppliers all around the world, bills he has never paid and never intends to pay. He's a FLAKE, an absolute liar and a cheat. He does not represent the honest average Cuban; he is a breed like no other, a murderous tyrannical dictator, nothing more, nothing less.

Some people object when I call Fidel a Cockroach. They think that he deserves more respect than that. They think that I'm off the wall when I do that. But, he's a huge windbag who has managed to outdo P.T. Barnum. He's the W. C. Fields of World Politics. He's the Hitler of the Caribbean. If I had my way I'd disband the United Nations for allowing him to be a member, not Cuba, but Castro, for Castro owns Cuba as certainly as anyone owns anything - through force. One man, one way, for 45 years!

What makes our monolithic U.S. farm corporations think that they are going to get lucky and collect from La Maxima Cucaracha? What makes them think that Fidel Cucaracha Castro will do any better by them than he has by the rest of the world? They've swallowed his blarney just like our College Students have. There is no way they'll see a dime of their money. The Cuban treasury is most likely secreted in a Swiss bank account under Fidel's secret number, and perhaps also in Raul's. Wait and see, those corporations that supply wheat and other foods to Castro will be asking the U.S. government to bail them out in four or five years. Castro will stiff them and then laugh as he checks his latest multi-billion dollar balance sheets from the Swiss and Luxemburg banks.

He's the type of Cucaracha that will eat the crotch out of your jockey shorts while you try to sleep at night in a Cuban jail cell.

Sunday, February 08, 2004


Even though there was a depression during the 1930s, and my father was out of a job for awhile, there was one thing to be thankful for: we kids grew up in a hurry. We had to, because we all did something to earn a nickel here, a dime there, in order to help the family survive. As a consequence we were more worldly and knowledgeable at a young age and we were certainly not naive; we knew what was going on around us.

So many college students today seem utterly naive, and in many cases, even stupid. Well, there are even some Congressmen who are either stupid, or acting stupidly as well, you take your choice. It is not limited to students, I guess.

But, there's no other answer when students (and Congressmen) go Cuba and they don't see a thing wrong there, that they are so overwhelmed by the people, how nice they are, that they don't see what the government has done to them. They don't seem to understand that it is a Police State and that the ordinary people ARE nice, that even though they may hate the government, they do not dare to protest conditions. American students? Dumb, dumb, dumb, and even dumber. No wonder those movies make so much money!

If your government is oppressive and you don't want to suffer or have your family suffer, you simply play nice guy and go along with it. You may hate Castro, want to see someone stick a knife in his guts and slowly twist it, but you don't dare express those thoughts. He's got the guns. He owns all the guns. He owns your house. He owns your job. He owns everything and those that disagree with him may soon end up in prison, or worse, dead. So you play the game. You accept the conditions and live under the tyranny. You don't hate Americans. You know that your problems are all caused by the Government, which means Fidel Cucaracha Castro.

Many flee. Some get caught and end up in jail, because it is illegal to leave the country. Some drown in the sea. Some suffer days aboard a raft, but eventually make it to shore in Florida and freeeeedomm. Hallelujah.

That's what it is all about. How can these el stupidos (hell, if that isn't Spanish, then let's call it Berkeley Spanish) not understand what's going on? History is replete with the stories of suffering and the executions in communist countries. Five million died in the Russian slave-state of Georgia in the early 30s from the Communists deliberate use of starvation of the farmers (Kulaks) in that Country in order to rid the country of them, whole families slowly dying. There are hundreds of books by people who lived under Socialist systems about how badly things went. Europe finally threw off the Socialist yoke, but still it appeals to many American college students. Damn. El stupidos!

Our student jerks go to Cuba and lounge on a beach by a fine hotel and never wonder why ordinary Cuban citizens are not on the beach alongside of them. They see the lack of a transportation system (except to them) and they don't wonder why Cubans put up with such crap. Wow. Student jerks. Dumb bunnies.

Socialists, of course, see nothing wrong with Cubans being forced to live in poverty. Socialists believe in the great equalizing force of poverty. That's the sacrifice that they must make in order to finally reach a Socialist Paradise.

You don't see, however, American Socialists living under such conditions, do you? Leapin' Lizards, Sandy, don't you wonder what they're studying at Berkeley? Or UCSC? The students from one college go there (to Cuba) on a large ship, where the Great Cockroach comes aboard and gives them a lecture about his wonderful Socialist Government, and they leave, impressed, believers, swallowing his line of crap. Man, what is happening to our young people today? Do they have it too good, so good that it clouds their judgment, warps common sense?

Castro has built nothing; he has forced everyone to live like peasants, except for himself and a few selected followers. The only success in Cuba was engineered by Capitalists. Without that money from foreign investors, even Castro's family might be going around in rags. Noooo, he has salted away some of the billions he got from the USSR. Thank God that Russian Pres. Putin is not so dumb. Now he lets the socialists among the American college students prove just how dumb they are. Viewed from a beautiful beach, like almost anywhere in the world is Paradise.

Monday, February 02, 2004


Would Cubans be ready to take back their country? What plans do they have to kick out the rest of Las Cucarachas?

How will they exterminate them and reclaim Cuba as a nation of freedom loving people? Are there any guidelines for moving rapidly in the United Nations, and establishing a Goverment in Exile to contest those who point the muzzles of the guns at Cuba's citizens?

I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar that there is no such thing in existence and when La Maxima Cucaracha drops dead, there will be so much confusion among the Cubans that it will give little brother plenty of time to establish himself firmly in control. That said, Good Night.